Manager training for a new world

August 19, 2021


We have historically resisted using the word training to describe some of the work that we do. We're comfortable with coaching—both as a concept, and as a thing that we offer as a company. Advising, consulting, offsites? Yes, we do those things too. But training and, more specifically, manager training has been a label we’ve flouted.

And over the last several years, we’ve done manager training for thousands of managers. So why haven’t we called it what it is?

Many of the folks on our team associate manager training with corporate-approved checklists and packaged protocols. It's a thing to check a box. There may be some good ideas but they don't feel relevant to the real stuff that's happening right now.

What Refound facilitators do in a room with 20 managers over the course of four months is nothing like that. But if you were a fly on the wall, you’d hear us talking about curriculum, tools, missions, and modules. You'd see practice exercises, group discussions, and assessments. You'd see people working in cohorts and having graduations. Our program has all the structure you'd expect from manager training, but it comes from a different place because we have a different goal.

Our goal is teach your managers how to show up with and for their team in a way that is far more human, more caring, and more challenging than they do today. We focus our work on the most important part of training: teaching people what good leadership looks like even when—especially when—they think they lack the time, skills, or confidence to do it well.

Refound’s manager training changes how people work, together.

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