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As we’ve worked with thousands of leaders at Refound, we’ve found that people tend to fall into one of three types of leader: Fixer, Fighter, or Friend.

Find out how your type is affecting your leadership and how it can help you reach your professional goals.

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Fixer, Fighter or Friend?

The Fixer

They’re managers who take matters into their own hands when they notice something is not quite right or there may be a better way to complete a task. Fixers fix whatever they can find that’s broken, and feel better in the act of fixing.

The Fighter

They’re managers who are never satisfied with status-quo, meaning they are constantly re-imagining the processes, routines, and workflows in their organization. Constantly in motion, Fighters thrive when they are creating, planning, and selling their big ideas to stakeholders.

The Friend

They’re managers who are quickest to support a team member who is struggling or feeling down and most invested in cultivating a welcoming environment on their team. Friends have an overflowing capacity for care, generosity, and humanity, and feel best when they are mending relationships and helping others succeed.

Discover you as a leader.

Identify the positive traits you bring to your team every day.

Spot blind spots so you can address them before they become five-alarm fires.

Effectively communicate with your team, peers, and superiors.

Align your approach to leadership with your team’s unique working styles.


Your type explained…and put to work.

Your free report walks you through the gifts and challenges your leader type tends to demonstrate and guides you through helpful exercises to help you turn your insight into actions you can take today with your team.

Screenshot of report details showing behaviors and their impact on a team.
An inventory of common traits for your type.

Get a clear understanding of the impact of your traits on your team and your goals.

Screenshot of report details showing a sample leader archetype from popular culture.
Pop culture examples of people with your type.

See yourself in some people you may know in order to unpack where your strengths lie.

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Guided reflections and exercises to help you grow.

Think through the context and impact of your leadership type and set goals to help you be a better leader.

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An action plan to jumpstart your growth.

Make a plan to help yourself move forward as a leader with tactical steps you can take to put your leadership type to work today.

What people are saying…

"When it comes to leadership style I would describe myself as a homegrown hero. For two decades my performance was judged by two things: intense work ethic and results. The Refound experience has removed blinders and allowed myself and my team to focus on the true keys: unified vision and team development. It has opened doors to conversations I never thought possible. We highlight and build on employee strengths rather than solving weaknesses. Trust and vulnerability are taking shape. Having an unbiased perspective in my Refound coach was crucial to self reflection and retooling my communication skills!"

Ed Olivo

Senior Director of Manufacturing & Supply Chain


“This is a good anchor to understand how to manage together and grow leaders because early in a career it is intimidating, it's scary, and this is a good understanding of how to reach that next level.”

Emily W.

Refound Academy Member

“I just wanted to close that above all things I appreciated about Refound (stickiness of content, your amazing book, etc.) I'm most impressed with your team. I really enjoyed having them here. They have the perfect level of engagement, clarity, and warmth to marshal the content with our teams without feeling like consultants. I'll elaborate more when we talk, but I'm really glad we engaged despite my crazy schedule of competing priorities.”

Betty Fletcher

VP of People

Good Eggs

“Good for curious leaders which I fall into, I took this and was like, oh, this is helpful and informative. This is good for correcting leaders that are struggling or even for young leaders that have no experience. It is a clear linear system that can help you walk through a coaching to disciplinary relationship with your employees.”

James P.

Good Accountability Course Participant

“This program created a shift in me that keeps paying for itself, over and over.”

John Gillen

SVP, Learning & Development

JS Held

“I want to share this experience, the workbook, and the handouts to everyone because you don't want to be the only one who knows this like secret sauce. You want to share the secret sauce!”

Nicole G.

Good Authority Course Participant

“Yes the numbers have gotten better, but this work does so much more than that. Refound has helped us become more resilient as leaders and as an organization. We’re able to work together and have the conversations that matter, even under stress. It changes everything.”

Allan Swan



Get growing today with your leader type.

The quiz is free, and the results can be game-changing. Unlock your leader type and start yourself on a journey to level up as a leader.

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