Senior Leader Coaching

Highly-personalized one-to-one coaching crafted to foster personal leadership growth that results in business results. Refound’s executive coaches help leaders find more headspace to work, establish clear lines of ownership, and effectively deliver feedback. 

For Director levels and above
2 hrs per month for 6 months
Timing can be customized to your needs

60-minute bi-weekly calls with a Refound Executive Coach

Unlimited access to Refound Academy online courses

Assessments for multi-perspective feedback to benchmark and measure progress

SOS support in between sessions, simply text or email one of our coaches

1:1 Coaching

Uncover growth from one-on-one coaching conversations.

Leaders consult with their coaches on specific goals and challenges during two 60-minute calls per month. Our coaches specialize in navigating the daily challenges of leadership.

Refound System

Get access to
our full suite of
online courses.

Three core courses delivered through the Refound Academy, our virtual learning platform. Leaders have access to video content, personal quizzes, and a workbook full of practical exercises.


Track progress towards your leadership goals.

Leaders take our assessment at the beginning and end of the program to measure progress through self-reflection and feedback from both managers and peers.


Get help when you need it.

Even after executive coaching concludes, Ren remains available to help you navigate difficult conversations. Just start a chat with Ren, provide context in response to Ren’s questions, and within moments, Ren offers precise solutions rooted in Refound’s training methods.

Whether it’s an urgent situation you’d like coaching on or a quick question about the best way to handle an issue, reach out to your coach via email or chat.

Benefits to your organization

Gain multi-perspective feedback on your performance and behaviors

Define the places you need to evolve your management style

Track progress towards achieving your leadership goals

Lead effective, happy, and self-reliant teams

Delegate confidently so you can focus on leading the company

Increase accountability across your organization from the top down

Start with Senior Leader Coaching today.

What our clients say about Senior Leader Coaching…

“After going through Refound coaching, my team has told me that work has become more of a collaborative environment. And they have the space to express their concerns without being shut down. And they are not shy anymore.”

Sai Palaparty

Battery Engineer


"[Other leadership coaching programs] have seemed very one sided, more along the lines of they already had their mind made up, and they knew the things that I needed to work on. So they were coaching me to the specific issues. But my Refound Coach, Jessica, brought a very fresh perspective into how to how to receive and deliver communication to specific leaders in the building. It was phenomenal.”

P.J. Roeder

Assistant Production Manager


Frequently Asked Questions

As we’ve worked with organizations to bring better harmony to their cultures, these are some of the questions that come up time and time again.

How long are typical engagements?


What's included?


What are some stories you have of leaders who have transformed?


How do you measure success? What types of assessments, etc do you have?


What kinds of things would we cover in coaching?


What's the time commitment?


How does it connect to our company values and/or other culture initiatives?


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