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  Training Certification — For Large Orgs

Training Certification — For Large Orgs

Jonathan has a knack for both understanding and empowering people. He’s not only a voice for change but gives tactical ways for how to do it. If you have yet to hear him speak, I highly recommend doing so any way you can!
— Cory Eustice, Talent Engineer, SpaceX
Jonathan is knowledgeable, insightful and engaging. His journey to self- actualization is inspiring, and he challenges you to lead in a more holistic, authentic fashion. He does a masterful job at facilitating meaningful conversations with important gems you can quickly implement. I left his talk re-energized and better equipped to lead and coach my team.
— Jarie Bradley, Chief People Officer, CitySquare
Authenticity, vulnerability, and warmth is what Jonathan is all about on stage. He brings just the right mix of personal and professional story sharing that helped our conference attendees connect in at a deeper level of understanding for the common, everyday struggles of leadership.
— Hamsa Daher, Executive Director, Small Giants Community
Jonathan packages his insights into tangible and practical pieces that both seasoned people-leaders and first-time managers can appreciate.
— Michele Floriani, CMO, Sequoia Consulting
Thank you so much for the workshop yesterday! My favorite part is that we now have a common language to hold each other accountable for making improvements to our culture and for how we give feedback and accelerate performance concerns!
— Leia Rollag, Director of Operations, IFTTT
You’re starting to change the way that I think about leadership, which is something I’m going to be tackling for the rest of my life. At the same time, you’ve helped me immediately connect your ideas to my day-to-day work. I’m finally beginning to understand how the behaviors that show up at work are likely to be affecting others areas of our lives. This is deeply transformative and I can’t thank you enough.
— Mike Giordani, Founder, LingoLive
I feel like I now have the tools and framework to be an amazing manager! This workshop formed a community of people and resources to support me throughout my career as a manager.
— Jordan McIntosh, Member Experience Lead @Stride Health
Relentlessly practical. Great practice opportunities. Deeply thoughtful and knowledgeable facilitators.
— Eli Bildner, Founder, New Company
This was a valuable and inspiring experience for me. I felt as if the material were tailored exactly to my situation, and I came away feeling more excited about being a manager than I’ve ever felt in this role.
— Adam Lord, Sr. Software Engineer @Tivix
“Jonathan is an engaging speaker who creates meaningful, memorable experiences for his audiences. His captivating stage presence and rare mix of humility, character, and competence always leave the audience wanting to hear more.
— Shye Gilad, Adj. Prof. of Entrepreneurship at Georgetown

Whether you're looking for an inspiring keynote, a feedback and one-one skills workshop or a comprehensive leadership development program, we look forward to working with you to design a project that works.