One approach,
delivered at each level of leadership.

Senior Leader Coaching

Highly-personalized one-to-one coaching crafted to foster personal leadership growth that results in business results. Refound’s executive coaches help leaders find more headspace to work, establish clear lines of ownership, and effectively deliver feedback. 

Senior Leader Coaching includes access to:
60-minute bi-weekly calls with a Refound Executive Coach
Unlimited access to Refound Academy
Assessments for multi-perspective feedback on performance and behaviors to benchmark and measure progress
On-demand support between sessions from your personal Refound coach via text or email
For Director levels and above

Time Commitment:
2 hours per month for 6 months
Timing can be customized to your needs

People Leader Coaching

Small peer-based group coaching built on the Refound leadership system, designed to transform managers into confident people leaders by cultivating a culture of curiosity, conversation, and clear boundaries. 

People Leader Coaching includes access to:
One-hour group coaching calls (6 total) 
Unlimited access to Refound Academy and Refound's 24/7 AI leadership coach
Assessments to benchmark skills, measure progress, and identify leadership style
Practical assignments to implement between groups and in-session ride alongs with an employee to enable live practice
For Directors and Managers

Time Commitment:
About 10 hours total
7 hours coaching + 3 hours self-guided work

Refound Academy*

Self-paced online courses based on the Refound leadership system, designed to transform managers into confident people leaders by cultivating a culture of curiosity, conversation, and clear boundaries. Refound Academy includes access to:
Course workbooks with practical exercises, sample scripts for effective conversations, and reusable worksheets
Anytime-access to videos that share core concepts, practical applications and prompts for self-reflection
Flexible frameworks and adaptable concepts you can use again and again
The Identify Your Leader Type assessment—are you a Fixer, Fighter, or a Friend?

* Available for Individual sale or enterprise sale.

Typically for aspiring leaders and scaling across large manager groups

Time Commitment:
1 hour per week

Senior Leader Coaching

One-to-one coaching for executive and senior leaders, designed to create headspace for strategic work, establish clear lines of ownership with the roles that report to them, and take action on the most important feedback conversations.

Uncover growth from one-on-one coaching conversations.

Leaders consult with their coaches on specific goals and challenges during two 60-minute calls per month. Our coaches specialize in navigating the daily challenges of leadership.

Get access to our full suite of online courses and platform.

Three core courses delivered through the Refound Academy, our virtual learning platform. Leaders have access to video content, personal quizzes, and a workbook full of practical exercises.

Track progress with our Good Authority 360º Assessment.

Leaders take our proprietary 360-style assessment at the beginning and end of their program. The assessment measures progress through self-reflection and feedback from their manager and their peers.

Get help when you need it.

Whether it’s an urgent situation you’d like coaching on or a quick question about the best way to handle an issue, reach out to your coach via email or chat.

People Leader Coaching

Small peer-based group coaching built on the Refound leadership system, designed to transform managers into confident people leaders by cultivating a culture of curiosity, conversation, and clear boundaries.

Group coaching sessions help leaders solve for real life.

In small groups, participants discuss core concepts from our courses and work through their day-to-day challenges with the support of a Refound coach.

Refound’s full suite of online resources fuel 24/7 learning.

Refound’s three core courses live on Refound Academy, our virtual learning platform. You will have access to video content, personal quizzes, and a workbook full of practical exercises. 

After group coaching concludes, Refound’s AI-powered people leadership coach, Ren, is still available 24/7 to help you in navigating difficult conversations. Just start a chat with Ren, respond to Ren’s contextual questions, and receive precise solutions rooted in Refound’s training methods within minutes.

Assessments provide insights to leadership needs and growth.

Our intake and end-of-program assessments measure leadership behaviors that, if fortified, can help leaders increase the time they spend on strategic work, build better alignment with team members, and develop a practice for delivering feedback and holding people accountable.

Practice Refound’s lessons in real work scenarios.

We integrate Refound’s lessons into daily work flows by advising leaders on their unique situations. Managers receive live practice through Refound’s ride along, where they ask a member of their team to participate in activities that help align expectations and practice new ways to give and receive feedback.

Refound Academy

Self-paced online courses based on the Refound leadership system, designed to transform managers into confident people leaders by cultivating a culture of curiosity, conversation, and clear boundaries.

* Available for Individual sale or enterprise sale. Ask us about bulk pricing.

Step-by-step instructions that help leaders grow and take action.

Videos and worksheets help all Refound Academy members start and maintain the behaviors and have the conversations they need to level up their leadership and meet organizational benchmarks.

Bring concepts to life, wherever, whenever.

Get expertise from Jonathan and the rest of the Refound coaching team. Video courses unpack core concepts, establish effective leadership habits, and show good leadership looks like in action.

Screenshot of two people and a visual of the steps of the Accountability Dial.

Get access to Refound tools, downloadable resources, and worksheets.

As part of our courses, participants get access to proprietary tools that support their learning. These tools are some of the same resources our coaches use with our top clients.

Get insight into your leadership.

Test your knowledge and learn more about your leadership style using our leadership quizzes throughout the Academy.

Working with us, you're in great company.

What people are saying about working with Refound.

“Refound did a masterful job of facilitating our executive offsite. It went where it needed to go, and I thought you adapted so beautifully. You wrangled the leaders to keep things on track with allowing just the right amount of push-back. I’m sure it felt natural to you, but it was really impressive facilitation. Thank you.”

Dave Myer

VP, HR and General Affairs


“I just wanted to close that above all things I appreciated about Refound (stickiness of content, your amazing book, etc.) I'm most impressed with your team. I really enjoyed having them here. They have the perfect level of engagement, clarity, and warmth to marshal the content with our teams without feeling like consultants. I'll elaborate more when we talk, but I'm really glad we engaged despite my crazy schedule of competing priorities.”

Betty Fletcher

VP of People

Good Eggs

“With Refound’s help, we are well on our way to having an organization where each person is accountable for our success, where giving and receiving feedback is fluid, and old barriers are removed through practice.”

Emily Couey

VP of People


“Yes the numbers have gotten better, but this work does so much more than that. Refound has helped us become more resilient as leaders and as an organization. We’re able to work together and have the conversations that matter, even under stress. It changes everything.”

Allan Swan



“At CyberCube we take employee development very seriously. Our managers are measured on whether every team member is doing the best work of their career. We worked with Refound because their content is insightful and relevant. This workshop is very engaging and enabled our managers to discuss the challenges they are facing in a format that is both open and structured. The Good Authority framework allows managers to find non-obvious solutions for their challenges.”

Michael Varshavski

VP of Operations


How to get started.

It’s super simple—one 30-minute conversation is all we need. We’ll determine the best path based on:  


How many people leaders you have at each level.

We’ll design your program to have the biggest impact—whatever your budget.


Your culture and business goals.

We’ll incorporate those unique values and benchmarks into your program, ensuring it always stays relevant to the business. 


Your desired start date.

We’ll take over from there. through our personalized onboarding experience we’ll welcome your leaders into the program, coordinate logistics, and support them at every step of the way.


Flip the page on your approach to leadership.

Jonathan Raymond, founder & CEO of Refound, explores the journey of personal and professional leadership growth in his book Good Authority. Through anecdotes and real-life conversations, Jonathan shows readers that it’s possible to lead a team in a way that is both profoundly human and results-oriented—and that true culture change begins within each leader on a team.

“Good Authority is a modern classic, and it will redefine what it means to be the boss."

Seth Godin

Author, Entrepreneur

Image of "Good Authority" paperback book.

Frequently Asked Questions

As we’ve worked with organizations to bring better harmony to their cultures, these are some of the questions that come up time and time again.

Can we customize the program to fit our needs?

Senior Leader Coaching: Our one-to-one coaching is totally customizable to your needs, building on our proprietary system that’s proven to provide a clear path to great leadership.

People Leader Training:
To ensure consistency across your cohorts, leaders are enrolled in our proprietary system that’s proven to provide a clear path to great leadership. Group Coaching sessions, however, are custom to each cohort, taking into account their specific challenges and needs.

Refound Academy:
This is a self-paced online course. The exercises provided in the workbook enable leaders to work through the specific challenges they’re facing so they can find solutions using the Refound leadership system.

How much time will this take my team?

Senior leader training: Senior Leader Coaching: Our one-on-one coaching comprises two sixty minute conversations per month. Leaders have additional access to coaches in between sessions to run through critical conversations or roleplay win-win scenarios. Total time is approximately 2 hours per month.

People Leader Training: Group coaching is offered in two sixty minute conversations per month. In addition to two monthly twenty minute sessions with accountability partners, managers also spend one hour per week on coursework. Total time is approximately 4 hours per month.

Refound Academy: This is a go-at-your-own-pace solution, but we estimate it will take about one hour per week for three months to fully complete the content.

How can I align Refound’s leadership development with our in-house training and internal initiatives?

Our mission is to give you a framework that is used and implemented daily.

Refound’s leadership system is unique. We aim to provide a sustainable, adaptable system that can be embedded across an organization to create a common path toward and vernacular around great leadership. It acts as an extension of your company’s values and culture, and can be used to augment existing trainings.

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