People Leader Coaching

Small peer-based group coaching built on the Refound leadership system, designed to transform managers into confident people leaders by cultivating a culture of curiosity, conversation, and clear boundaries. 

Typically for Directors and Managers

10 hour commitment total
7 hours coaching + 3 hours self-guided work

One hour bi-weekly group coaching calls
(6 total)

Unlimited access to Refound Academy online courses and Refound’s 24/7 AI leadership coach

Assessments to benchmark skills, measure progress, and identify leadership style

Practical assignments to try between groups and in-session ride-alongs with employees to enable live practice 

Group Coaching

Group coaching sessions help leaders solve for real life.

In small groups, participants discuss core concepts from our courses and work through their day-to-day challenges with the support of a Refound coach.

Refound System

Refound’s full suite of online resources fuel 24/7 learning.

Refound’s three core courses live on Refound Academy, our virtual learning platform. You will have access to video content, personal quizzes, and a workbook full of practical exercises. 

After group coaching concludes, Refound’s AI-powered people leadership coach, Ren, is still available 24/7 to help you in navigating difficult conversations. Just start a chat with Ren, respond to Ren’s contextual questions, and receive precise solutions rooted in Refound’s training methods within minutes. 


Assessments provide insights to leadership needs and growth.

Our intake and end-of-program assessments measure leadership behaviors that, if fortified, can help leaders increase the time they spend on strategic work, build better alignment with team members, and develop a practice for delivering feedback and holding people accountable. 

Live Practice

Practice Refound’s lessons in real work scenarios.

We integrate Refound’s lessons into daily work flows by advising leaders on their unique situations. Managers receive live practice through Refound’s ride along, where they ask a member of their team to participate in activities that help align expectations and practice new ways to give and receive feedback.

Benefits to your organization

Identify shared experiences among peers to strengthen community

Set a common language and standard rules of engagement 

Help leaders define the kinds of leaders they are and want to be

Enhance social interactions among your teams

Establish teachable leadership resources 

Make all employees more accountable with guidance from the top

Get started with People Leader Coaching today.

Frequently Asked Questions

As we’ve worked with organizations to bring better harmony to their cultures, these are some of the questions that come up time and time again.

What levels of management are the program best for?


When you divide the groups up into cohorts, do you recommend leaders from the same team? Various departments across the org? Various levels of management?


Given that it's group coaching, how does each leader get the attention and support that they need?


How do the learnings stick post-program? What does that look like?


What's the time commitment?


How does it connect to our company values and/or other culture initiatives?


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