Just ask Ren! 

Leading a team can easily feel overwhelming. With everything on your plate, how do you give people the coaching and development they need to stay engaged and performing at a high level? Ren will help you take action on the most important conversations—the ones that are easy to let pass you by— in a way that is thoughtful and direct. Your team will thank you for it!
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Working with us, you’re
in great company.

How to get started.

It’s super simple—embarking on a transformative coaching experience is just a few clicks away.


Share a challenging situation

Just as you'd confide in a trusted mentor, provide Ren with a brief overview of the workplace challenge you're facing.


Engage in meaningful dialogue

Allow Ren to delve deeper with thought-provoking questions. This ensures a comprehensive understanding of the situation and aids in crafting a tailored response.


Act on insightful recommendations

Ren will equip you with actionable advice, derived from the principles of Refound’s Accountability Dial. Implement the guidance to foster effective, conversation-based leadership.

Get the support you need to thrive as a modern manager

We designed Ren for managers like you, offering on-the-spot, actionable advice tailored to the situations you face daily. No more generic tips; with Ren, you get guidance steeped in Refound's trusted philosophy, used by executives and managers from Fortune 10 companies to budding startups.