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Сoaching for Senior Leaders: Empowering Your Journey with Refound

November 1, 2023

Navigating the intricacies of senior leadership can be a daunting challenge. As an executive, you grapple with balancing a multitude of responsibilities — from overseeing daily operations to charting the course for your organization’s future. The weight of making pivotal decisions and steering your company through change, all while nurturing your team’s diverse range of skills, can indeed be overwhelming.

Establishing a supportive space to reflect and strategize outside of the day-to-day can be a leadership game-changer. Leaders turn to Refound’s Senior Leader Coaching program to find that space for growth.

How Refound’s senior coaching creates better leaders

Through constructive discussions and tailored guidance, our Senior Leader Coaching program is designed to enhance your leadership skills and steer your organization to success. We help you create better approaches to tackle the major challenges that come with being a top-tier leader, including:

  • Balancing priorities. We’ll work with you one-on-one to figure out what’s most important and how to handle it all. This includes setting a clear vision, making strategic plans, and managing your team and daily priorities to support those established objectives.
  • Making tough decisions. SLC gives you a safe place to evaluate various facets of difficult situations to define the best way forward. We’ll help you make choices that will not only benefit your team and organization today but also pave the way for future success.
  • Navigating change. You’ll be equipped with strategies to lead your organization through changes, including effective communication, dealing with uncertainty, and creating a team culture capable of adapting to new situations.
  • Cultivating team growth. You’ll define the unique skills and motivations of your team members, enabling you to foster and nurture those talents to create a culture of continuous improvement.
  • Creating more time for important tasks. We know being a senior leader is demanding. Our program helps you define daily tasks that you can remove from your to-do lists to get more time to focus on larger priority items. This entails setting boundaries, delegating, and setting clear priorities.
  • Dealing with isolation. As your coach and advisor, we provide a supportive and understanding space where you can share your challenges and pressures. We empower you to build resilience and establish connections with peers, both within and outside your organization.

Our coaching program extends for six months, requiring a commitment of 2 hours per month. During a 60-minute bi-weekly call with your personal coach, you will have an opportunity to discuss your progress and situations you might be struggling to apply Refound’s proven leadership strategies to. Naturally, we understand you are busy, so you can always customize the program’s length to your needs and select the right executive coach based on expertise, skillset, and approach that will align with your goals.

The 3 pillars of leadership success

All our leadership strategies focus on elevating management skills through an empathetic, supportive, and humane approach. Refound’s work in helping people become better leaders is founded on three fundamental pillars:

  • Good Authority revolves around your role as a leader and how you present yourself. It’s akin to adopting a coaching approach, much like the wisdom of Yoda, rather than playing the Superhero. Instead of always swooping in to save the day, you empower your team to tackle challenges themselves. You offer guidance and support while granting your team ownership and responsibility. This approach not only nurtures their skills and confidence but also allows you to redirect your focus toward strategic leadership tasks.
  • Good Alignment is all about instilling clarity and coherence within your team. It entails defining the Soul of the Role for each team member, ensuring they have a shared vision with you not just for their tasks, but for the purpose and significance of their position. When team members grasp how their work contributes to the organization’s overarching objectives, they become more engaged and motivated.
  • Good Accountability is centered on fostering a culture of personal ownership  within those around you. It involves applying the steps of the Accountability Dial, a five-step structured framework for delivering feedback with empathy and inquisitiveness. It’s about supporting growth and learning while holding people to their commitments.

By mastering these three pillars, you can create a team environment where everyone is engaged in meaningful work, which leads to greater success for your team and the organization as a whole.

A holistic multi-perspective feedback experience

Once you have established a strong foundation of Good Authority, Good Alignment, and Good Accountability, you are well-equipped to lead your team to success. But how do you measure that success and continue to grow as a leader? This is where Refound’s assessment process comes into play.

Becoming a better leader is an ongoing journey that relies on continuous development and evaluation. To achieve this, feedback is crucial to understand how you can improve.

In the context of the Senior Leader Coaching assessment process, we rely on our Competency Model to evaluate your current leadership capabilities. It provides a structured way to identify where your strengths lie and where there may be opportunities for growth.

To achieve that, we assess and track several key benchmarks, which are selected specifically based on your goals, individual leadership style, and the specific competencies you want to develop. Although customized to you, all assessments measure progress from the start to the end of your six-month partnership with Refound related to:

  • Specific leadership competencies —  from communication skills to decision-making abilities.
  • Feedback from your team or colleagues gathered through either formal feedback mechanisms or observed in day-to-day interactions.
  • Progress towards achieving your personal leadership goals. These are always crafted as specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) goals that you set at the beginning of the program.
  • Observable changes in your behavior recognized by your Refound coach, your employees, or yourself.

This assessment process is integral to our Senior Leader Coaching program and is meant to offer you a straightforward, honest, and unbiased look at your current leadership style and how it impacts your work, your organization, and the people you lead. We’re not here to tell you whether you’re a good or bad leader but to spot trends and behaviors that can be fine-tuned or put to good use.

With the support of your Refound coach, by the end of the SLC program, you’ll have all the tools, insights, and encouragement you need to lead your team and organization confidently and efficiently.

On-demand support from your personal coach

SLC program participants enjoy full access to our responsive system of support. Whenever you need a tip, encouragement, or sound advice in between sessions, Refound’s executive coaches are just a phone call or email away. This support can include coaching you through critical conversations, role-playing scenarios, or providing strategic approaches to navigate challenging situations.

Refound’s SLC is a comprehensive, well-thought-out program for leaders who grapple with an array of responsibilities and challenges in their professional roles. If you’re a senior manager carrying the weight of these responsibilities and seeking to turbocharge your leadership skills, we invite you to connect with us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the primary role of a Senior Leader Coach?

The primary role of a Senior Leader Coach is to be an advisor who can respond to your unique situations and growth goals. Your coach is selected for you based on their expertise in the industry, specific needs and challenges you may have, and preferred coaching style. Following our human-centered philosophy, Refound’s coaches help align personal growth with business outcomes by inspiring connections and encouraging meaningful conversations. At the same time, we ensure a confidential and supportive space for senior leaders to talk about their stories and seek consultancy.

What are the key benefits of executive coaching to leaders?

Our mission is to guide leaders on the journey to becoming a better version of themselves by offering tools to transform their leadership approach. Executive coaching enables leaders to:

  • Gain multi-perspective feedback on performance and behaviors;
  • Identify which actions to take to evolve your management style;
  • Track progress toward achieving your leadership goals;
  • Lead effective, happy, and self-reliant teams;
  • Delegate confidently so you can focus on leading the company;
  • Increase accountability across your organization from the top down.
How can working with an executive coach benefit not only the leader personally but the entire company?

Good leaders facilitate team motivation, engagement, and productivity. Our feedback shows that 67% of SLC participants see a positive impact on team performance. By learning to better delegate, employees are empowered to take control of their own work and find a greater purpose in their role.

Additionally, 86% of our leaders who have taken Refound’s SLC program report increased business impact.

How do you measure success? What types of assessments do you have?

Our program is built around critical assessments that provide multi-perspective feedback on your performance and behaviors to benchmark and measure progress. We typically provide an intake assessment at the beginning of the program to get to know the leader and their leadership style. Then, at the end of the program, we conduct a second, much more detailed assessment to benchmark results and measure individual progress.

What kinds of things would we cover in coaching?

At the start of the program, we help you reflect on your growth goals and current performance. The assigned Refound coach conducts shadow sessions to observe and understand your behavior, communication style, and interactions in your natural work environment. Next, we’ll run you through the basic principles established by Refound and apply them to your unique working situations. 

What’s the time commitment?

Senior leaders should expect to commit about 2 hours per month for 6 months, but timing can be customized to your needs.

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