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People Leader Coaching with Refound

November 1, 2023

Are you ready to transition from an individual contributor to a company leader? That journey demands mastering delegation, recognizing growth avenues for you and your team, nurturing solid relationships, and offering consistent feedback. To do it all, you’ll need a straightforward, repeatable strategy.

Luckily, here at Refound, we’ve developed a comprehensive strategy that is always tailored to you. Our People Leader Coaching is designed to instill essential leadership skills that will cultivate a workplace enriched with curiosity, open dialogue, and well-defined boundaries. Whether you’re an aspiring junior manager or already at a mid-level, our coaching will reshape you into a leader who exudes both confidence and compassion. 

Sound good so far? Stay with us, and let’s unravel the details together.

What Refound’s PLC Offers: Unlock Your Leadership Potential

People Leader Coaching is not your typical manager training program — it’s a transformative journey crafted to help leaders like you flourish in five interconnected areas vital for developing a strong, effective leadership style. We break those five areas down as:

  • Develop leadership skills: Refound’s coaching helps leaders enhance their skills, such as communication, decision-making, and problem-solving, which are vital for effective leadership.
  • Foster a growth mindset: Through PLC, leaders will learn to foster a growth mindset, both in themselves and their team members. This mindset encourages continuous learning and adaptability, which is crucial in today’s fast-paced work environment.
  • Enhance team performance: Effective leaders naturally drive their teams to higher performance levels. Our coaching provides the tools to motivate employees, manage conflicts, and create a positive work environment.
  • Promote accountability: We can help leaders understand the importance of accountability and how to instill it in their teams. This leads to increased responsibility, ownership, and, ultimately, better results all around.
  • Support succession planning: Our program helps leaders delegate, get back time, and open up their mental space so that they can focus on the responsibilities that are most critical to the organization’s success. Doing this enhances both the leaders’ future progression and empowers their teams to take on new tasks.

With just 10 hours of commitment, participants explore these concepts through a series of small-group coaching calls and self-guided learning with Refound’s suite of online resources, including Refound’s 24/7 AI coach, Ren.

Along the way, leaders engage in assessments to measure their progress and fine-tune their leadership style, ultimately gearing up for practical applications during our ride-along sessions, in which leaders bring an employee for active exercises led by a Refound coach.

A proactive approach to leadership challenges

Years of experience have taught us that most management issues typically revolve around three core areas: authority, alignment, and accountability. We’ve tailored our leadership training program to specifically address these challenges:

  • Good Authority: Leaders learn how to delegate important work by empowering employees to take ownership of projects, meetings and repeatable tasks so they can gain time back. We emphasize this through our lesson that teaches leaders how to be More Yoda and Less Superhero. 
  • Good Alignment: Participants learn how to set clear expectations and make employees feel more connected to their roles. Participants learn to avoid misaligned expectations by discovering their Soul of the Role (SOTR) — a concept we designed to help employees find their sense of purpose within their jobs. With a focus on the emotional level, leaders can apply SOTR to cultivate motivation, engagement, and productivity among the teams.
  • Good Accountability: Giving constructive feedback is crucial to fostering growth and maintaining relationships. Our courses offer valuable tips for leaders to give and also receive feedback from their teams through a framework called Accountability Dial — a five-step process for creating a shared language between leaders and employees.

Refound’s AI leadership coach, Ren, is always only a few clicks away. You can access this helpful assistant anytime with questions specific to your case and find quick solutions based on the three key pillars of Refound courses. Participants maintain access to both online training courses and Ren even after completing the leadership training program.

PLC Program Structure

Our philosophy is rooted in the belief that true leadership comes from a place of personal authority, self-awareness, and a commitment to continuous growth. Naturally, we’ve integrated this philosophy into our PLC program, striving to create a supportive environment for both personal and professional development.

Through our structured yet flexible program, Refound’s coaches conduct one-hour group calls every two weeks, totaling six calls that serve as a platform for leaders to share stories and insights. In these sessions, participants are not only listeners but also active contributors, engaging in constructive conversations that encourage growth.

The PLC program provides a safe space for leaders to open up about their problems, learn from one another, and collaboratively find solutions that would lead to excellent personal and professional outcomes. By challenging them to explore and embody their unique position of authority, we equip leaders with the tools necessary to foster deep trust, ownership, and accountability within their teams and organizations. 

Our ultimate goal is to show leaders that a better version of themselves and their teams is not only possible but well within reach.

Ride-along sessions to reinforce progress

As part of the course, we encourage leaders to take part in our ride-along sessions. They are a crucial part of leadership coaching as they allow for live practice in the everyday workplace. 

Here’s how they work. Leaders invite a member of their team to participate in Refound activities for about an hour. During this time, managers will have an opportunity to practice their previous lessons:

  1. Openly receiving feedback from employees
  2. Initial alignment conversation.
  3. Providing feedback using the Accountability Dial.
  4. Debrief from coaches and employees on the manager’s feedback.

These sessions allow leaders to cultivate a shared language with their teams, to bridge the gap between managers and employees and, as a result, re-engage teams through sincere feedback.

Ride-along sessions grant leaders a more practical approach to leadership development to build beyond concepts and discussions. Interesting assignments and scenarios during ride-alongs increase the chance of leaders applying the knowledge gained from our leadership coaching courses in real-world situations.

The People Leader Coaching program goes beyond simply acquiring new skills; it’s about a transformative shift in leadership methods and fostering a culture grounded in accountability, respect, and continual growth. Our approach emphasizes the significance of emotional intelligence, encouraging leaders to embrace empathy, support, and a human touch in their management practices.

If you liked what you read so far and are interested in enrolling, get in touch with us, and we’ll sort out the details!

Downloadable Files

Frequently Asked Questions

What levels of management is People Leader Coaching best for?

People Leader Coaching is suitable for directors, managers, and anyone in a leadership position or aspiring to be in one.

How are cohorts divided — by team, department, or management level?

At the moment, we are flexible in the selection of cohorts, but this may change over time. More importantly, we prioritize making sure that everyone feels comfortable with their peers in the room.

What does Refound’s support look like after the program ends?

Our AI-powered leadership coach, Ren, is available 24/7 for leaders even after the coaching concludes. Participants will also have full access to the online course content on Refound Academy to help navigate difficult conversations with the teams.

What’s the time commitment?

Leaders should expect to commit about 10 hours in total — 7 hours for coaching and 3 hours for self-guided work in the Refound workbook and assessments.

How do Refound’s lessons connect to our company values and/or other culture initiatives?

We offer a practical, day-to-day framework that will resonate with your organization’s mission. Our leadership system is tailored to be sustainable and adaptable, seamlessly integrating with existing structures. It acts as an extension of your company’s values and culture, so you can consider it an invaluable complement to your existing training programs.

What are the benefits of effective leadership for companies and their performance?

We offer a practical, day-to-day framework that will resonate with your organization’s mission. Our leadership system is tailored to be sustainable and adaptable, seamlessly integrating with existing structures. It acts as an extension of your company’s values and culture, so you can consider it an invaluable complement to your existing training programs.

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