Jonathan Raymond

Founder & CEO

In the world of leadership and personal growth, there’s a name that stands out from the crowd – Jonathan Raymond. He is the founder and visionary behind Refound, author of Good Authority, a leadership coach, and devoted father who finds inspiration in philosophy. 

Jonathan’s journey has been deeply influenced by a profound passion for the study of human behavior. This passion ignited within him during an unforgettable philosophy class aptly named The Philosophy of Love. Little did he know that this spark would ultimately illuminate his path to revolutionize the businesses. 

With a legal background as his foundation and extensive training in a wide range of personal, psychological, and spiritual development traditions, Jonathan carved a unique path in the world of leadership and management. His mission? To bridge the gap between results-driven businesses and personal employee growth. 


Jonathan’s career trajectory was marked by pivotal moments. He began in business development where he navigated across diverse industries from renewable energy to software. Simultaneously, he delved deeply into spirituality, exploring practices such as meditation, somatic psychotherapy, and trauma work. His turning point came when he uncovered the symbiotic relationship between the worlds of business and psychology, which led him to the world of business coaching.

Throughout his coaching career, Jonathan has illuminated new paths for leaders in both large and small organizations. His wisdom extends beyond boardrooms, as he shares his insights through podcasts and keynotes at events like The Culture Conference, Small Giants Summit, and the ELC Annual Summit. Brace yourself for 2024 when Jonathan is set to launch a podcast that promises to analyze and redefine what it means to be authentic.

Personal Life

Beyond his professional facade, Jonathan finds solace in being a father to two remarkable daughters. He’s a man of action – paddle surfing against the waves, stepping into the boxing ring, and finding a love for all forms of movement even if he no longer uses his formerly impressive jump shot on the basketball court.

Good Authority

Jonathan is best known for his book Good Authority, How to Become the Leader Your Team is Waiting For. The book, awarded the Axiom Business Book Award Silver Medal in 2018, delves into the psychology and leadership required to be a successful manager. It introduces the groundbreaking concept of the Accountability Dial — a five-step model for addressing performance issues while nurturing personal growth in team members.

The book garnered acclaim for its sincere and direct approach to leadership, as it focuses on the importance of self-development, accountability, and transparent conversations in the workplace.


Fueled by the book’s success and widespread reader support for its revolutionary ideas, Jonathan decided to take another big step by establishing Refound. At its core, Refound seeks to empower modern managers by addressing the crux of workplace discord – leadership authority left untapped. 

In an industry saturated with buzzwords and generic approaches, Jonathan offers a unique perspective and answers to the most perplexing leadership questions. Refound’s programs like People Leader Coaching and Senior Leader Coaching, are custom-tailored for managers and executives, paving the way for a brighter future of leadership.

Jonathan’s vision extended further with the inception of Refound Academy, a virtual learning platform designed to transform managers into confident people leaders. 

Refound most recently introduced Ren — an AI-powered on-demand coach, serves as a 24/7 mentor programmed with two decades of Jonathan’s leadership wisdom.

Jonathan strives to expand Refound’s resources to employees of all levels, by spearheading innovative additions like the AI workplace coach Ren. Good Authority and Refound are testaments to Jonathan’s enduring commitment to building a world where businesses thrive alongside the personal growth of every individual.


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