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Doing the work of work relationships

March 20, 2018


I was just sitting here in my office with a lot of shadows behind me reflecting on the last, you know, three or four calls that I had this morning and yesterday. And i'm gonna say something that is so obvious it's bordering on the stupid.

Every single one of those calls is about relationships. Right, whether I'm talking with a CEO, co-founders VPs, You know sometimes I'm talking to folks who are in the general staff in an organization.

It's all about relationships, right it's all about how we deal with or don't deal with other people. Our ability to speak up to feel like we have a voice, to listen, to consider new information, to stay curious. And it's just astounding to me, in a good way, how rich this area is. And how so much of what constitutes the health and wellness of a team in an organization really comes down to relationships. And how in deficit we all are, all of us, in our abilities to create and sustain healthy meaningful, productive, supportive, collaborative relationships.

So that's what I just wanted to share with you today. Just in all of the calls and all of the work that I do, and I know I speak on behalf of my team. This is the work. It's such good work. I know you all are doing so much of this work as well. And let's not lose sight of that element when we talk about personal and professional growth coming together.

That's what we're talking about. Because what do we do all day long when we're at work...we're in relationships in every department, right. There's very little time where we're just working on our own work and that work is not interfacing or relating with multiple other people and the work that they're doing.

So lean into those relationships and invest in that process. That's how we all get to where we want to go.

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