What if the deepest purpose of a business is to change the lives of the people who work there?

At Refound, we believe it is. This core belief goes into the one-of-a-kind people leadership and culture programs we design and deliver for high-growth organizations who know that feedback, accountability, and everyday coaching conversations are what it takes to be truly people-first. 

This is the first time in 20 years that I’ve had 100% confidence in an external partner.
— Director of Learning & Talent, Panasonic North America

The Challenge

The People Leader’s Dilemma

Separating personal and professional growth in the workplace makes it difficult to connect on what matters, at scale and in the long run. Without knowing how to coach effectively, most people managers give feedback that’s too intense too early, without boundaries and consequences, or both.


Employees want coaching — actionable feedback about their work and trajectory — as well as transparency and real communication from their manager.


People Leaders want something simple — a methodology that makes it clear what feedback to give, when, and with what degree of urgency.


Leaders want high-performance — a team of people who take personal ownership of the work and don’t need to be micromanaged.

The Refound Solution



We assume that personal and professional growth are necessary and inseparable in today’s workplace and that the role of the people leader is to walk this talk.




We believe the way to get people more engaged with their work and growth is to be more engaged with them. This means using everyday conversations to support, guide, and celebrate learning.




We train our clients on targeted practices for how to give feedback, have effective one-on-ones, be appropriately transparent with your team, create a culture of accountability, in one coherent philosophical framework that avoids confusion for people leaders at all levels who are moving fast and need training that is relevant to the work in front of them.


To learn more about how to apply this framework to your organization:



Our clients are forward thinking, people centered organizations. They understand that cultivating great managers is critical to business success.


With Refound’s help, we are well on our way to having an organization where each person is accountable for our success, where giving and receiving feedback is fluid and old barriers are removed through our practice of Good Authority
— Emily Couey, VP of People, Illumio

You know what needs to change. Let’s talk about how we can do it together.