A leadership training program designed for your unique culture.

This the first time in 20 years that I’ve had 100% confidence in an external partner.
— Jim Stefanchin, Director of Learning & Talent, Panasonic North America

For your leaders to engage in training, it has to help them answer the real questions.


How do I balance my work with coaching others?


What to do with talented people who aren't good teammates?


How do I give real-time feedback without micromanaging?


How do I get people to take the right risks when I'm not around?


How do I balance compassion with driving results?


Refound is a culture change partner for the modern HR department.

We use a human-centered design approach to uncover your people needs and build a manager success program based in feedback and growth-based one-on-ones.



Our clients are forward thinking, people centered organizations. They understand that cultivating great managers is critical to business success.


With Refound’s help, we are well on our way to having an organization where each person is accountable for our success, where giving and receiving feedback is fluid and old barriers are removed through our practice of Good Authority
— Emily Couey, VP of People, Illumio

You know what needs to change. Let’s talk about how we can do it together.