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A leadership training program your people will remember.


As a forward-thinking HR leader, we know you have an enormous task.


Your job is to create a high performance culture that is also a great place to work. You've sorted through trainings, retreats, executive coaches, perks, people tech software. Each piece has value, but the culture of accountability you want is still out of reach. You see:

  • Managers trying too hard to be nice — avoiding the honest and timely feedback conversations that would make a difference.

  • Employees not knowing where they stand — craving more specific feedback on what they could do to grow.

  • Executives picking up the slack for accountability gaps — wasting valuable energy managing around problem dynamics


Your organization has the best of intentions — how come the right ideas don't bring lasting change?


What if the drag on your culture — the politics, the interpersonal drama, the expensive and time-consuming recruiting cycle all had the same source — and that you could actually solve it all at once?

It turns out that a culture of genuine feedback and accountability — where managers personally engage with employees and talk openly and honestly about their concerns — is the only thing that can unlock the full potential of your organization. 

It's the absence of that genuine feedback that results in:

  • Managers being stuck in task and project overwhelm because they take on work that others should be holding.

  • Employees leaving because they feel micromanaged, not challenged to their next better version of self.

  • Executives seeing training as an expense instead of the investment you know it is is because they've never seen one deliver sustained behavioral change.


Our mission is simple: we'll help you make people management a driver of growth instead of an obstacle.


We want to help you tell a new story to your CEO and fellow leaders, so you don't have to justify line item expenses but can collaborate with them on a leadership development program your organization can be proud of.

What we've seen — in every industry and every stage of company — is that real culture change happens one conversation at a time. You don't need big rollouts or initiatives. You certainly don't need a bunch of new lingo that doesn't feel like your culture. You need a partner you can trust, an outside perspective to help your people have the conversations that matter. 


people managers leaning into their role as mentors


accountability-based feedback — across the org


a personal resource for the tough moments


Refound is here to help you design, build and implement a leadership development program that lasts — so you can reach the goal of the transformative culture you’ve always wanted to be a part of.



Not in HR but looking to grow as a people manager?


Balancing your individual work with bringing out the best in others is challenging to say the least. We're building a full-suite of resources for you to develop your skills and confidence as a leader.


Hear what our clients have to say

Refound training has allowed me to grow personally and professionally in ways that I am sure I won’t be able to fully measure for years to come.
— Jamie Birch
Jo Dennis, VP People & Culture, Omada Health

Jo Dennis, VP People & Culture, Omada Health


"I've never seen 35 people stay in one room for three hours and remain so engaged! Jonathan's deep experience and natural ability to quickly build rapport kept our managers involved for the entire seminar. The Refound approach helped us re-center ourselves on the purpose of feedback, and we had the chance to practice with each other in a light-hearted format."

This was a valuable and inspiring experience for me. I felt as if the material were tailored exactly to my situation, and I came away feeling more excited about being a manager than I’ve ever felt in this role.
— Adam Lord, Sr. Software Engineer, Tivix
Shelton Matsey, Owner, Fit Code Results

Shelton Matsey, Owner, Fit Code Results


"Accountability and having those tough conversations is something that our team has really struggled with. We had the opportunity to have Jonathan at our facility to give us the framework to have those conversations. Our team now feels empowered and that they have the tools going forward to hold one another accountable in a supportive way. This will benefit all of us — with the growth of our company and our team going forward." 

The humanity, authenticity, and honesty of the facilitation (and tools) which was articulated throughout the day was beyond refreshing.
— Matt Vogel, Professor, Southern Oregon University
Dina Mavridis, Dir. of HR, Velocity Electronics

Dina Mavridis, Dir. of HR, Velocity Electronics


"Where was Refound 15 years ago? Meeting Jonathan, reading his book, attending the Accountability Dial introductory seminar and now participating in a monthly management pilot program with Jonathan and his talented team has transformed me personally, professionally and is fostering change within my organization, one conversation at a time."

This work will help you understand what it means to be and hold others accountable and see the potential of great change and growth in yourself, teams, and company. Thank you!
— Brian Brandt, Cellular Sales


Some of the organizations we've worked with: