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Leadership training for high-growth organizations


More Yoda, Less Superman

Being a high performer is what got you this far. You’re used to being the superwoman or superman that has the answers, that gets the work done faster, smarter, better. And that’s exactly where you’re holding yourself, your reports, and your team back. Your reports don’t want a manager who takes it easy on them by handling the hard stuff — they want a manager who makes room for them to step up, who challenges them to get to that next level.

What you do next can make all the difference. Not just in your life, but in the lives of the people who call you ‘boss.’

This is why we exist. We believe that great people management has the power to not only change your world but the lives of everyone you touch. We hope we'll have a chance to help you get where you want to be.


What's the role of a people manager? 

Yes, it's talking about expectations — but not your expectations —  the ones people have for themselves. Sure, it's giving actionable feedback — not feedback that contains the solution — but the kind that motivates them to find the right solution. It's building a culture of accountability, but one in which people hold themselves accountable. To do this, you'll have to let go of the right answers and starting to show up with the right questions.

How are you using your one-on-ones? 

Most one-on-ones are mired in the weeds of tasks and projects — micromanagement in disguise. Great one-on-ones come from a different context: by shifting from taskmaster to personal growth facilitator, you’ll see improved performance and have conversations you and your people look forward to. But getting one-on-ones on the books is just the beginning. You'll find simulations, exercises, and tools to help you bring them to life.



So, where would you like to start?


Your company doesn't have to hire Refound to begin working with us. We offer a suite of options for individuals— online and in-person — to develop your people management skills and inner confidence as a leader.

There’s no better way to create a high-functioning and happy team than by training your managers to give feedback that leads to unreasonable growth  — not only for the company, but for everyone who works there.

Hear what our clients have to say

Good Authority training has allowed me to grow personally and professionally in ways that I am sure I won’t be able to fully measure for years to come.
— Jamie Birch
Jo Dennis, VP People & Culture, Omada Health

Jo Dennis, VP People & Culture, Omada Health


"I've never seen 35 people stay in one room for three hours and remain so engaged! Jonathan's deep experience and natural ability to quickly build rapport kept our managers involved for the entire seminar. The Good Authority approach helped us re-center ourselves on the purpose of feedback, and we had the chance to practice with each other in a light-hearted format."

This seminar will help you understand what it means to be and hold others accountable and see the potential of great change and growth in yourself, teams, and company. Thank you!
— Brian Brandt
Shelton Matsey, Owner, Fit Code Results

Shelton Matsey, Owner, Fit Code Results


"Accountability and having those tough conversations is something that our team has really struggled with. We had the opportunity to have Jonathan at our facility to give us the framework to have those conversations. Our team now feels empowered and that they have the tools going forward to hold one another accountable in a supportive way. This will benefit all of us — with the growth of our company and our team going forward." 

I believe it is an absolute necessity to implement this in any organization that wants to grow and succeed.
— Billy Davis
Dina Mavridis, Dir. of HR, Velocity Electronics

Dina Mavridis, Dir. of HR, Velocity Electronics


"Where was Good Authority 15 years ago? Meeting Jonathan, reading his book, attending the Accountability Dial introductory seminar and now participating in a monthly management pilot program with Jonathan and his talented team has transformed me personally, professionally and is fostering change within my organization, one conversation at a time."

This has been an incredible opportunity to learn and grow as a leader that I don’t know how I’d replace.
— Elizabeth Aslanidis


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