Rick Snyder

Senior Account Director & Refound Coach

Rick has had the privilege of working with leaders and teams around the world in various sectors, and enjoys cracking the culture code and learning how to best optimize an environment so that its people can thrive. He has launched four businesses and combines that experience with 20 years of studying human behavior to coach leaders to develop their executive presence, growth mindset, communication skills, and intuitive and decision-making capabilities. He is a coach, facilitator, and author, and speaks to businesses and organizations regularly. He is based in the San Diego area and enjoys travel, surf, time outdoors, and spending time with friends and family as well as being a perpetual student of life.


EMyth - Certified Business Coach

EMyth - Certified Presenter

Transformational Coaching and Leadership Training (TCLT)

Relationship Coach - Authentic World

Gestalt Institute of the Rockies

Ideal Client

He is inspired by clients who are ready to step outside their comfort zone and try new behaviors and mindsets in order to get effective results. 

Areas of Expertise

17 years coaching and leadership experience
10 years global business and executive and team coaching experience 

Sectors: tech, digital marketing, manufacturing, eCommerce, healthcare, clean tech, recruiting, financial services, retail and energy and utilities. 

Strengths as a Coach

Rick is very intuitive and able to get to the root cause of issues quickly. He breaks down complex situations into simple action steps and empowers clients to step into the best versions of themselves for a greater impact. 

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