James Cruzen

Refound Coach

James has been a coach and facilitator in one creative form or another for his entire career. He spent over a decade coaching competitive dancers and golfers. His fascination with the psychology of performance, communication, and business building led him to a career coaching executives. He loves helping leaders reach their highest potential by dialing in their mental game and people skills.

James resides in Munich, Germany and loves hiking, improv, language learning or just settling in with a cappuccino and a great book.


Talent Dynamics Performance Consultant

Ideal Client

His ideal client is curious, self-reflective and courageous. They accept personal responsibility in their current reality and are ready to break through to a new way.

Areas of Expertise

15 years coaching experience / 5 years leadership experience
Industries: BioTech - Pharma - Clean Tech - Hospitality

Strengths as a Coach

James is great at holding space and helping clients connect to self-authorship in times of challenge and change. His strengths include big-picture thinking, empathic listening and candor.

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