Learn about Refound’s unique approach to people leadership in these podcast interviews with our Founder and CEO Jonathan Raymond.

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Remarkable Leadership Podcast

“How we are as an organization, how we treat each other as peers, how we work with our employees shows up in the customer experience.” Refound CEO Jonathan Raymond talks with Jim Rembach about how a company culture of growth and ownership can positively impact customers.

Fast Leader Show

Leaders don’t have to solve problems and, in fact, it’s better if they don’t. Refound CEO Jonathan Raymond talks about how to empower teams on the Remarkable Leadership Podcast hosted by Kevin Eikenberry.

Better Than Before with Tony Richards

In this episode, Tony Richards interviews Jonathan Raymond, CEO of Refound, on achieving high performance by creating a people first culture.

Habits of Leadership: How to Hold Your Team Accountable

Jonathan discusses some simple and effective strategies to get team members to really own their work.

The Culture Hacks Podcast: How to Become the Leader Your Team is Waiting For

Russ Hill interviews Jonathan on how today’s workforce wants a leader who listens, is human, helps develop employees, and doesn’t claim to have all the answers.

How to Be Awesome At Your Job: How to Have Powerful Conversations

Jonathan teaches what makes traditional feedback ineffective and how to articulate feedback for your team, your peers, and your seniors to drive results.

Coaching For Leaders: How to Balance Care and Accountability

Jonathan and host Dave Stachowiak discuss how the Accountability Dial helps leaders have great feedback conversations with their remote teams.

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