VP of People creating a common leadership language for international teams

Finding a common leadership language
Mobile entertainment software company
“It was the first vendor we’d found that actually took the time to understand our unique culture.” – VP of People


With issues emerging from a mix of experienced and new managers across a distributed international team, Michael  (pseudonymized for privacy) saw the need for a meaningful leadership philosophy that provided a common language everyone could support. A company survey revealed notable misalignments and gaps across the organization, with an overriding sentiment that managers were not doing a good job of managing.


Refound developed a leadership program for 100 managers around the world, with a focus on APAC and EMEA leaders. Organized for peer cohorts, the six-month program combined resource-based learning with small group coaching. During leadership offsites, Refound worked with executives on embodying and socializing the philosophy.


Tailoring the program around the Good Authority philosophy to work for leaders in different cultures created a common foundation from which everyone could build. Leaders appreciated having a relatable and accessible outside company to guide the process. The investment in people development through a cohesive, collaborative program ensured people feel heard, valued, and respected.

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