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a simpler, more effective way to lead your team.

It starts with accountability conversations.

Check out the Accountability Dial® mini course

Elevate your people leadership skills.

We’re giving you and your people free access to the Accountability Dial® Mini Course because it’s the vital first step to having productive, human conversations at work.

It won't solve every issue overnight, but it will give you the foundational skills you need to have the conversations that will.

You'll learn how to start, manage, and complete direct conversations about accountability that are based in positive intent, building self-awareness, and constructive dialogue.

About the Mini Course

There are five lessons, one for each part of the Accountability Dial®. You will receive an email for each lesson, one per day. Or if you prefer, you can go through the whole course at once—it's up to you.

Each lesson features a video, examples to learn from (good and bad), and practical exercises to help your leaders make one of the most difficult parts of leadership much easer: Deliver feedback in a way that motivates and encourages employees (rather than upsetting them).

This takes preparation and finesse. The Accountability Dial® is a simple guide for navigating these conversations so everyone on your team can be successful, including you!

The five steps of the Accountability Dial® help determine the best way to approach any accountability conversation, depending on the circumstances.

Once you know where to begin, it gives you all the tools you need to intervene, deliver feedback, and encourage employees to make a change.

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