Susan Eckstein

Refound Coach

Susan has been in the coaching industry for more than 15 years. She leads her clients to overcome mindset barriers, develop confidence, improve professional communication, and show up powerfully. Her work centers around helping people unlock and change the limiting beliefs and behaviors that interfere with reaching their highest potential. A three-time Ironman competitor and former triathlon coach, she has successfully coached hundreds of people to compete in their dream athletic events. She lives in Long Beach, NY, with her husband, Tom, and enjoys long walks on the beach—no, really—in her free time.


Facilitator of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® x Coaching, SERIOUSWORK

Master Coach, Group Coaching HQ

Clear Beliefs Coach, Luminary Leadership Institute

Ideal Client

Leaders who are curious, courageous, and solution-focused. They take personal responsibility, are comfortable being uncomfortable, open to new perspectives, willing to challenge their beliefs, and excited to take action.

Areas of Expertise

Confidence, communication, executive presence, reinvention, mindset, authenticity

Strengths as a Coach

Susan’s superpower is asking questions that spark mind-blowing a-ha moments. She earns trust quickly, makes her clients feel at ease, and inspires them to think differently, seek solutions, take action, and lead authentically.

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