Ray Brejcha

Refound Coach

Ray Brejcha is a executive coach with over 25 years’ experience as a startup and corporate sales executive. As a sales and business development executive, he has sold over $80m of hardware, software and services. As a coach, Ray has spent over 5,500 hours working with clients through on-one-one engagements and workshops.

Ray resides at the beach in Del Mar, Ca, is an avid cyclist, dog lover, beekeeper and winemaker. Ray completed the Boston Marathon and competed on the TV show American Gladiator

Ray brings a fresh, engaging and witty style to his coaching. He helps leaders overcome complex and emerging challenges, increase performance, and expand their capabilities. He inspires leaders to take on new standards of transparency and elevate interpersonal relationships.

Ray enjoys working with executives that have a passion for becoming better leaders, with a sense of humor, self awareness and an openness to change. They have a willingness to self reflect and the ability to receive direct feedback.

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