Ramona Shaw

Refound Coach

Ramona Shaw specializes in helping build confident and high-trust leaders people love to work for. She helps her clients go further, faster by embracing leadership behaviors, skills, and habits that increase productivity, impact, confidence, and visibility.

After graduating with a Master's degree in Finance, Ramona entered the field of private equity and soon led key strategic projects and international teams in Switzerland and the United States as a VP of a global private equity firm. 

Because of her international background and global work experience, she has a unique understanding of cross-cultural challenges and demands. In addition, as a mother to three children, she is well-equipped to support parents in integrating both professional and personal priorities..

Ramona is great at connecting dots, making concepts applicable and actionable.  She is expert at working with leaders to uncover blind spots, create behavioral change and eliminate self-doubt

Ramona loves working with caring, curious, and growth-oriented leaders ready to reach the next level in their career. 

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