Naveed Lalani

Chief Growth Officer

Naveed is an executive, entrepreneur, and early-stage investor. He founded Rally, a platform that supported over 60K causes with $1B in funds. With ventures spanning areas like AI, edtech, and mental health, his startups have attracted backing from the likes of Greylock and Google Ventures, and personalities such as Tim Ferris. As an executive, he spearheaded growth and strategy at companies like Career Karma (Y Combinator-backed), Trilogy Education Services (acquired by 2U), Galvanize (acquired by Stride). Additionally, Naveed's co-created and serves as the chair of the Founder Mental Health Pledge, affecting 25K+ startups. In his free time, Naveed loves spending time with his two daughters and doodling.


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Areas of Expertise

Strengths as a Coach

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