Mark Guay

Refound Coach

Mark is a certified Integral Leadership Coach who supports leaders ready to uplevel the way they show up at work and at home. His practice incorporates radical accountability, deep curiosity, and compassion. Previous executive clients include Amazon, Kelloggs, General Electric, Slack, Etsy, and JP Morgan.

When Mark is not coaching, you can often find him upside down in a handstand.



USA Triathlon 

Ideal Client

Mark loves working with leaders who aren’t afraid to enter the cave to discover a deeper truth.

Areas of Expertise

15 years coaching experience / 6 years leadership experience
Industries: Education, Startup, Food & Bev, Direct Trade, Health, Finance, Tech
Geographies: N. America, S. East Asia, Oceania

Strengths as a Coach

Mark is great at aligning personal values with professional goals. His strengths include big-picture envisioning, candid questioning, and unbridled accountability.

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