Louise Gilliland

EU Practice Lead & Refound Coach

Louise has worked with business leaders and their teams around the world and is passionate about partnering with clients to create and deliver leadership programs that stick. Drawing on 16 years of tech and financial leadership experience, Lou has designed and scaled culturally relevant learning experiences at every step of the employee journey. She recently returned to the UK, having spent the last 6 years in California. In every part of the world she is fueled by exploring the big outdoors - on foot, on bike, or in the sea!


NLP Master Coach
ILM Level 3

Authentic Leadership (CALC)
Shirlaws Business Coaching
Peak Performance Coaching

Mind Gym Coach

ACC (ICF) - pending

Ideal Client

Lou is in her element when working with senior leaders who are committed to building trust based teams through courageous conversations.

Areas of Expertise

11 years leadership, team coaching and facilitation experience
20 years global business and leadership experience
Sectors: Tech. Finance, Professional Services, Travel
Geographies: EMEA, N. America, S. America (fluent in French and Spanish)

Strengths as a Coach

Lou is a deep listener, skilled at helping leaders quickly identify the mindset and behavior shifts that will unlock the power of authentic and daring leadership. Lou coaches and develops others with curiosity and care. Lou is able to strike a balance between warmth and candor. She loves to adapt her approach and provide structure that will help leaders find the courage to step into their growth zone and get more comfortable with the uncomfortable parts of team leadership.

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