Kevin McGovern

Refound Coach

Kevin is a dedicated coach and consultant helping individuals and organizations resolve conflict in order to grow and perform at the highest of levels. Leveraging a deep understanding of psychology, neuroscience, and organizational change, Kevin delivers coaching programs that help individuals and teams thrive.


BA Psychology

NLP and MER Master Practitioner

Certified Wellness Coach

Immunity To Change Facilitator

Organizational Change and Conflict Management

Ideal Client

Those that see personal growth as professional growth. Those that care deeply for their people and their organization. Those that want to look at themselves first as a means for team and organizational change.

Areas of Expertise

Sectors: Clean tech, Manufacturing, Start up with focus on leadership and talent development.

10 years of business development experience in variety of verticals

5 years of individual and team coaching

Strengths as a Coach

First and foremost, Kevin develops a deep sense of trust between himself and the client by putting the individual first. From that place, a leader feels safe to begin to explore blind spots and growth edges that may emerge. Kevin is skilled in seeing complexity and breaking it down into digestible and actionable steps on which the leader can grow.

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