Katherine Merchat

Refound Coach

Katherine Merchat specializes in working with high performance/high potential teams and individuals. She believes her clients have the right answers and it’s her mission to ask the right questions. Her goal through coaching is to allow her clients to feel calmer, more strategic, focused, and inspired at work and in life. Katherine is passionate about creating a warm and welcome space for her clients to feel held, supported and understood while moving towards their goals. 

Katherine loves stand up paddling, playing beach volleyball and swimming in the ocean. Anything that could be considered “very California,” Katherine probably loves.


Authentic Leadership (CALC) - pending

ICF - Associate Certified Coach

Ideal Client

Katherine loves to work with clients who are truly committed to making shifts in their behavior

Areas of Expertise

Sectors: Tech, Agriculture, Professional Services, Manufacturing

Strengths as a Coach

Katherine creates a quirky connection with clients and is willing to ask questions that are outside of the box.

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