Jessica Montenegro

Coaching Practice Lead

Jessica began her career as a coach in the fitness industry 15 years ago, where her passion for empowering others began. Her interest in human behavior led her to obtain her master’s degree in Organizational Psychology. She is skilled in instructional design, facilitation, and program implementation. At Refound, she takes people through an engaging learning journey where she is committed to transforming knowledge into practical application approaches. Jessica is passionate about supporting people in discovering their unique talents, unleashing their potential, and experiencing joy in a career where they excel and find fulfillment. In her free time, you can find Jessica training Jiu-jitsu, playing with her Goldendoodles, or spending time with her family.


Organizational Psychology, MA

Berkeley Executive Coaching Institute

Employee Development and Talent Solutions - Harrison Inc.

Hypnotherapy - Mueller

Ideal Client

Her ideal client is curious, engaged and has the courage to lean in when something feels uncomfortable. They are willing to dive deep into their growth edges while revealing their blindspots.

Areas of Expertise

Employee engagement, Talent management, Organizational Development, 

Sectors: Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Manufacturing, Education

Strengths as a Coach

Jessica has the ability to create connections with her clients in a way that develops deep trust and understanding. She is masterful at taking people through a self-discovery journey where they are able to make transformational shifts. 

"[Other leadership coaching programs] have seemed very one sided, more along the lines of they already had their mind made up, and they knew the things that I needed to work on. So they were coaching me to the specific issues. But my Refound Coach, Jessica, brought a very fresh perspective into how to how to receive and deliver communication to specific leaders in the building. It was phenomenal.”

P.J. Roeder

Assistant Production Manager


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