James Renwick

Refound Coach

James has spent 20 years in leadership roles across government, creative and charity sectors, specializing in behavior change, marketing and brand strategy. 

James' passion is coaching others through transformational change, lifting performance with a calm demeanor and authentic style that both inspires and empowers. From communicating more effectively to navigating challenging relationships, James combines a careful blend of challenge and support to help individuals, groups, and teams to improve their awareness, increase their leadership impact, and achieve greater fulfillment.


BSc. Psychology

ICF Professional Certified Coach

Mental Health First Aider

Ideal Client

Leaders who are open minded, willing to be vulnerable and committed to putting the hard work in. They accept that we're all work in progress and we all have the potential to improve our self awareness and performance, across all areas of life. 

Areas of Expertise

UK, EU, and US business leaders,  Leading authentically and developing high performing teams. Improving self-awareness, self-belief, and personal effectiveness.

Strengths as a Coach

James’ strength is helping people to gain different perspectives and find the best solutions to the problems they face. He combines the latest leadership thinking with lived experience and application to help individuals and groups improve their self- and social-awareness, and become more effective and fulfilled.

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