We get it, you’re up against a lot…

Your people are a little too polite and miss opportunities to coach through feedback.

You’re constantly putting out fires instead of doing the strategic ideation that will bring you closer to your goals.

Work-life balance feels out-of-reach, but it’s critical for retention and results.

Your teams are working hard but still not living up to their productivity potential because they don’t have a framework for boundaries and delegation.

Accountability is lacking because there is no established practice for holding critical conversations the right way, at the right time.

You struggle with retention because “People don’t leave companies, they leave people.”

…but we’ve already seen great progress

"I feel hope for the first time in a while that eventually I can start focusing on the stuff I should be because others will understand and be prepared to do what I need them to, and what they are capable of doing."

PLT Participant

Gongos Cohort 1

“I got so much out of the discussion with others, different perspectives, and the real life examples through spot coaching.”
Photo of Jen Van Wormer

Jen Van Wormer

Senior Research Lead, Gongos

"It was helpful to just talk through ideas, solutions, how to do things differently/better.”
Photo of Dave Loney

Dave Loney

Research Lead, Gongos

“I think we needed more time - it was hard to apply some of these learnings in the moment when there may not have been an applicable issue to utilize it.”
Photo of Arika Fraccaro

Arika Fraccaro

Research Lead, Gongos

In our experience, 90% of leadership problems fall into what we see as three main challenges:


How a leader shows up to lead


How a leader sets expectations


How a leader coaches and supports through feedback

At Refound, we call these capabilities Good Authority, Good Alignment, and Good Accountability.

The Refound System is based on how those capabilities work together to create an environment where everyone is doing the right work, in the right way.

Good Authority

Uncover how you show up as a leader and apply our More Yoda, Less Superhero framework to create balance between your individual responsibilities and those of your team.

Good Alignment

Create clarity on your team by using our Soul of the Role process to improve alignment among your team members, so that you can support business objectives while simultaneously cultivating their personal and professional development goals.

Good Accountability

Share feedback without fear, hold people to their commitments, and support their growth using the Accountability Dial, our framework for delivering feedback with compassion and curiosity. 


So, how do we create the conditions for lasting change?

Everyone in your organization needs to speak the same language, align on a shared vision for effective leadership behaviors, and have access to the resources and support that enable their growth within YOUR unique company culture.

While there is no magic wand that will transform how people feel about their jobs overnight, there is a well-researched and proven pathway for making this a lasting change.

Engaging Content

In our view, good leadership often comes down to conversations and communication, so our content is focused around helping leaders overcome the fears and barriers that exist to giving feedback and challenging others to higher standards of personal ownership and accountability.

Peer Community

While expert coaching is essential, leaders should be spending time with their peers in a setting that is focused on the people part of their jobs. This has the secondary benefits of creating networking opportunities.

Active Practice

Most leadership programs fail to sustain results because participants are not given a safe place to practice the skills they are learning. Because those skills often involve underdeveloped qualities, it’s critical to have a place to work things out over time.

You said it yourself…
“I just wish i had more time to soak it in.”
Photo of Cheryl Halverson

Cheryl Halverson

Chief People Officer, Gongos


Here’s how our new plans work for you and your leaders.

Identify the leaders you want to support.

Select the plan that's right for you based on your organization's scale and structure. We’re shifting from a per-program model to plans that support more continuous development.

All you'll need to get started is to identify which leaders should get access to what level of support. Most commonly the distinction to be made is between managers and more senior leaders.

All leaders start with
our core program.

If a leader has already completed our People Leader Training program, they’ve already completed this!

Our core People Leader Training program sets the foundation for our leadership curriculum and all leaders start out by getting a deep dive into the essentials of Good Authority, Good Alignment, and Good Accountability.

As you have new leaders join, we can start new leaders as part of our community cohorts each month.

Leaders have ongoing access to live sessions, support, and content.

Once they’ve completed their core program, leaders can drop into any of our calendared community Practice Labs or Group Coaching sessions and access video content and resources on the Refound Academy.

If a leader has a Senior Leader seat, they will also continue to meet one-on-one with a Refound coach 1/month as long as their seat remains active.

Visual showing two types of events all callouts among several. Event 1: Group coaching session with Jess. Event 2: Practice Lab called Clearing Your Calendar with James.
Mobile device with Refound Academy on screen.

We’ll keep you updated on how your leaders are progressing.

Like we do during the core People Leader Training program, we'll assess leaders skills and capabilities around 1/quarter to check in and see how they’re progressing.

Add leaders or update your plan at any time.

Have a new executive you're onboarding? Growing your management team? No sweat. We can add leaders anytime of the year.

We'll get them started in our core program so that they're immersed in our core leadership curriculum. If you have enough new people to create a full cohort, great. If not, we’ll start a community cohort each month that you can add a smaller number of leaders to throughout the year.


Designed to meet each leader where they are.

Core Program

Introduction to the Refound essentials of leadership curriculum. Our core program engages leaders at all levels and immerses them in our core leadership curriculum.

1:1 Coaching Sessions

We'll work with select leaders one-on-one to help support their growth and give them tailored support for their complex challenges. Whether they're stretching into a new role or have a ton on their plate, we'll match them with the right coach to support their growth and behavior.

Drop-in Group Coaching

Group sessions across the Refound network of leaders that help foster real-time dialogue about the challenges leaders are facing and the goals they have.

Practice Labs

Skill-focused sessions designed to help leaders implement in real-time. Show up for the session of your choice and work thorugh something you're likely facing as a leader (e.g., challenges delegating, practice giving feedback)

Refound Academy

Whether it's a refresher about core concepts of leadership, exercises you can do to strengthen your leadership, inspirational stories to help get you unstuck, or worksheets you can bring to your team we have them. The Refound Academy is full of video content, downloadable resources, and members-only content that you can use as a leader.


Get targeted 1:1 support for the day-to-day of leadership. Whether it's having a coach join a meeting and coach you in real-time or your next 1:1 conversation to help facilitate some tricky feedback, our power-ups help your leaders better respond to challenges they're having right now.

Core Program

Our core People Leader Training Program helps set the stage for all leaders.

Group coaching sessions help leaders solve for real life.

In small groups, participants discuss core concepts from our courses and work through their day-to-day challenges with the support of a Refound coach.

Get access to our full suite of online courses and platform.

Three core courses delivered through the Refound Academy, our virtual learning platform. Leaders have access to video content, personal quizzes, and a workbook full of practical exercises.

Get insight into how your leaders are growing.

Our assessments measure leadership behaviors that, if fortified, can help leaders increase the time they spend on strategic work, build better alignment with their team members, and develop a practice for delivering feedback and holding people accountable. 

Peer accountability reinforces progress.

We assign each participant a peer accountability partner from their cohort to connect with every other week (or more) on what they’re learning. We'll provide topics and structure to ensure conversations are productive and collaborative. People Leader Training Timeline

Core Program Timeline

Visual of the people leader training program experience including the meetings and steps during the program.

What you do today matters more than ever.

When you get it right, your business can be a place where instead of feeling drained people leave feeling energized. And that’s never been a more important selling point than now.

With COVID, political division, remote work, an overwhelmed workforce, mental health crisis, and emerging economic anxiety, people want connection more than ever. 

They want to feel like they’re having an impact. They want to feel like their work matters. And they want to work somewhere where leaders are held to the same standards that they are. 

There’s a world where what’s good for the business and what’s good for the humans who work there co-exist. We’re here to help.


Plans for organizations of all kinds.

Best for organizations up to 100 employees
$4K/mo billed annually
Best for organizations up to 500 employees
$20k/mo billed annually
Best for organizations up to 2000 employees
$55k/mo billed annually
Best for larger organizations
$130k/mo billed annually
Senior Leaders
Add seats at $650/leader/month
5 included
20 included
50 included
100 included
Add seats at $150/leader/month
20 included
125 included
400 included
1000 included
Plan Features
Account Management and Support
Communications Support and Email Sequences
Leadership and Development Advising
1 hr/mo.
2 hrs/mo.
4 hrs/mo.
Monthly Power-up Credits
Leadership team workshops
Custom Practice Labs
3 topics/year
5 topics/year
Senior Leaders
Core Program (Required)
1:1 Coaching
Practice Labs
Drop-in Group Coaching
360º Assessment
Monthly Power-up Credits
1 credit
2 credits
3 credits
Core Program (Required)
Practice Labs
Drop-in Group Coaching
Power-up Credits
1 credit
2 credits

30-minute Spot Coaching

Drop-in with a Refound coach for a short one-on-one session to work through a workplace challenge you're having.

Facilitated 1:1s

Have a Refound coach join all or part of your scheduled one-on-one with your manager or direct report to help facilitate the conversation.

Meeting Shadowing

Have a Refound coach sit in on an existing meeting on your calendar and provide real-time feedback about how you're showing up with your team.

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