Working For You Is Different

March 30, 2018

Well, that’s just the way we do it here’ — Every employee, everywhere.

Working for you is different.

You’re not afraid of people having strengths that you don’t.

You care more about having more impact than having more money.

You pay people more than the market says you should.

You’re always looking for how you might be in the way of progress.

You don’t pretend that it doesn’t scare you.

You accept that big change comes in small increments.

You don’t wait for someone else to take responsibility before you do.

You look for the patterns.

You talk about the real stuff.

You walk your talk, especially when you screw up.

You love being around people who are the same way.

Which is why when  your people say ‘Well, that’s just the way we do it here’ — they’ll say it with a smile instead of an eye-roll.

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