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Here's How to Get Your People to Stay

March 24, 2022

By now it’s no secret: The workplace is never going to be the same.  

But hey – that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Because with remote and hybrid work environments, a new era of collaboration has emerged.

The possibilities are endless but…

There is one downside to our current state. We’re seeing one of the biggest waves of attrition ever in the workplace.  

And the cost is massive (which is why we need to keep talking about it).

When you think about how much you spend hiring, training, and replacing lost workers, investing in your current staff’s development doesn’t seem so costly, does it?

So what should you do to keep your valued employees? Kick off the conversation by asking yourself these 3 game-changing questions.

How can I create more purpose for our people?

If you lead with purpose, you already know that you experience a greater sense of well-being and satisfaction in your work. Even better, these traits all trickle down to those you lead.

Am I enabling the growth of high-potential employees?

A whopping 94% of employees say they’d stay at a company longer if it invested in helping them learn, according to LinkedIn’s 2019 Workforce Learning Report.

What are you doing to support your team’s development?

How can I cultivate a standout culture even in a remote or hybrid environment?

With remote and hybrid models here to stay, we need to ask ourselves how we can optimize culture without us all sitting round the same table. According to a recent Pulse survey by Slack’s Future Forum, there is a growing concern that “proximity bias” may lead to inequities between remote and in-office employees.

Are you taking steps to ensure those tuning into meetings from their living room are fairly represented in the conversation, the culture, and the company?

At Refound, we’ve seen over and over again that people would rather stay than go. Human nature gravitates towards the comfort of a job and people we already know, even if the situation is not perfect. With a few simple steps, it may be much easier than you realize to get people to STAY.

I don’t know how to get my staff to stay.

Tip: Just ask them to. Sounds too simple? Take 2 minutes to hear what Jonathan has to say about that in How to Stop a Resignation.

With a few powerful questions, you can push the odds in your favor and not only retain the employees you worked so hard to recruit, but actually GROW them and your company in tandem.

Looking for an edge in putting all this into action? We’re here to help! BOOK a discovery call today.

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