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Ground of Applause

October 31, 2018

The priorities are shifting again. It’s tough to swallow, but the folks on your team understand you’re doing your best.

A teammate has decided to leave. It’ll mean more work for them until the new person is up to speed, but they’ll roll with it.

The client has changed their mind about what they want. It’s disappointing, but you know the team will lick their wounds and be back at it in the morning.

It’s busy season and everyone is pushing hard for a strong close to the year. Folks are exhausted, but they know there’s no time to rest.

To say your team lives in a state of change is far too mild. What they deal with is change at a staggering level of depth and pace: a never-ending string of needs, wants, and fears that almost always come from other people, but that they have to deal with. And they have to do it fast and with limited resources.

It’s at this moment you might think to yourself: “Wow, aren’t I lucky to have these people show up every day and do everything that they do — especially all the actions I don’t see that keep things running.”

Don’t forget to tell them.

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