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Your free report walks you through the gifts and challenges your leader type tends to demonstrate and guides you through helpful exercises to help you turn your insight into actions you can take today with your team. Here’s how your report will look:

An inventory of common traits for your type.

Pop culture examples of people with your type.

Guided reflections and exercises to help you grow.

An action plan to jumpstart your growth.

Note: Many people find that their type changes based on their current team and context, so depending on your situation you might be one type at your job and another at home. Or you might change types when your role changes. Come back to this assessment anytime for a new report.

More about Refound

Refound helps organizations grow leaders as fast as the business is growing. Our proven system for leadership can help leaders at all levels better respond to 90% of their leadership challenges.

Good Authority

Uncover how you show up as a leader and apply our More Yoda, Less Superhero framework to create balance between your individual responsibilities and those of your team.

Good Alignment

Create clarity on your team by using our Soul of the Role process to improve alignment among your team members, so that you can support business objectives while simultaneously cultivating their personal and professional development goals.

Good Accountability

Share feedback without fear, hold people to their commitments, and support their growth using the Accountability Dial, our framework for delivering feedback with compassion and curiosity. 

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What people are saying about Refound

"I ran across the Accountability Dial® framework which captured every feeling I had about how feedback works that is respectful and hopeful and supportive. The approach you've outlined feels more human-centered than anything I've seen in my career. Can't wait to learn more!"

Elizabeth Vaden

Refound Academy Member

"Every day, I mean every single day, I hear from someone on the executive team something meaningful about the coaching they're getting from Refound."

Wes Sloan

SVP of Operations


"The Soul of the Role allowed my team and I to really hone into the essence of their roles. We've been able to take our implicit promises to each other, and turn them into explicit agreements, aligned and clear on what we expect from each other. I feel more confident stepping away from key areas of the organization knowing that my team and I are aligned on what they have full ownership over in the company."

Natalie Nagele

Co-founder & CEO


“Refound did a masterful job of facilitating our executive offsite. It went where it needed to go, and I thought you adapted so beautifully. You wrangled the leaders to keep things on track with allowing just the right amount of push-back. I’m sure it felt natural to you, but it was really impressive facilitation. Thank you.”

Dave Myer

VP, HR and General Affairs


“With Refound’s help, we are well on our way to having an organization where each person is accountable for our success, where giving and receiving feedback is fluid, and old barriers are removed through practice.”

Emily Couey

VP of People


“At CyberCube we take employee development very seriously. Our managers are measured on whether every team member is doing the best work of their career. We worked with Refound because their content is insightful and relevant. This workshop is very engaging and enabled our managers to discuss the challenges they are facing in a format that is both open and structured. The Good Authority framework allows managers to find non-obvious solutions for their challenges.”

Michael Varshavski

VP of Operations


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