The Accountability Dial®: The Mention

The Mention

Most feedback conversations are doomed to fail from the beginning because we approach them too aggressively, having waited too long to intervene in the first place. 

The Mention creates the space you need to ask a non-threatening question or make an observation about what you see, when the stakes are low or even non-existent. The goal is to create a shared reality for you and a team member. 

This communicates that you are paying attention and are invested in their work. The Mention should be short and come from a place of genuine curiosity. All you want to communicate is a message of care—one that isn’t overbearing and can be communicated in a matter of seconds.

The Mention in Action

Each step of the Accountability Dial® requires managers to intentionally create an atmosphere where their direct reports feel secure and supported.

The success of the Mention relies on your ability to casually bring an issue to your direct report's attention without overstating its importance and causing anxiety.

Practice the Mention

So much of accountability comes down to the details. Your tone of voice, the setting, and your approach can have a significant influence on the outcome.

It’s crucial to get these details right by practicing.

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