The Accountability Dial®: The Limit

The Limit

When the expectations you and your team member agreed upon during the Boundary conversation have not been met, you have reached the final step in the Accountability Dial: The Limit. 

As a manager, as a coach, you feel like you are out of options. The Limit communicates this to the employee, as they see you step out of your role as mentor and let them know the next step is on them. This intervention may not be enjoyable, but your compassionate, direct approach shouldn’t change. There is no shaming, threatening, or lecturing–just an assertion of your healthy boundary, as you step back and let your direct report know that they themselves, must be accountable.

The Limit conversation should be short–maybe even five minutes. Explanations, questions, and discussion is not necessary or helpful at this point. If you are nervous about expressing the Limit, this is a great time to talk it over with a peer or a neutral, trusted third party.

Practice the Limit

So much of accountability comes down to the details. For the Limit, you relinquish your control as coach and hand over the responsibility for growth to them.

The next move is theirs. If they don’t change in the ways you’ve outlined, there will be consequences and changes that need to be made. It’s therefore crucial to get these details right by practicing

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