The Accountability Dial®: The Invitation

The Invitation

If the Mention doesn’t motivate your team member to make a change, take the next step by turning to the Invitation.

The Invitation is another short interaction (though not as brief as the Mention) designed to help your team member recognize a pattern of behavior and invite self-reflection.

Like the Mention, keep the focus on brevity, curiosity, and compassion. You are inviting the employee to think deeper about their behavior, not demanding that they do.

The Invitation in Action

Each step of the Accountability Dial® requires managers to intentionally create an atmosphere where their direct reports feel secure and supported.

The success of the Invitation depends on your ability to raise the issue discussed in the Mention without raising the temperature of your conversation.

Practice the Invitation

So much of accountability comes down to the details. The invitation should be just that–an invitation to chat about your team member’s professional growth.

Your approach should demonstrate an investment in your team member rather than signal that they are underperforming.

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