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Busy leaders need simple practices, based in common-sense ideas, that are easy to apply to a range of situations. Learn how to lead a team in a way that is both results-oriented and profoundly human.

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Good Authority
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About Good Authority: How to Become the Leader Your Team is Waiting For

You became a manager or leader because you’re good at the technical parts of your job - whether that’s in engineering, sales, marketing, etc. Now you’re responsible for leading a team of people to deliver that work and you’re realizing that it’s an entirely different set of skills to get that part of the job right. Good Authority, and the Refound approach, are all about demystifying the process of becoming a great people leader and manager. Through simple frameworks and refreshing language, you’ll learn the most effective way to balance getting the results the business needs with the coaching and development your team is craving.

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