The ROI of Behavior Change

11 Jan 2022


Hi, it’s Jonathan. Thanks so much for being here, for being part of our community, and investing a little bit of your time with us today. We built Refound and all the programs and products we offer for people like you. People who have a leadership role inside of an organization and who know that things can be better, so much better than they are if people would just talk to each other. If people would practice a little bit vulnerability, be a little bit more transparent, lean in a little bit more into those uncomfortable conversations. But we also know that when you’re in a position like you are, one of the difficult things for you to solve for is ROI.

As important and as necessary and as impactful and even, maybe, as obvious as some of the things are that you see (and maybe others will agree with you), the question that you always get is okay, well, what’s the ROI?

Why should we invest in this project? In this leadership development project, or culture change project, whatever you want to call it. There are two things that we’ve done to help that; to make it a little bit easier for you to do that.

The first is in all of our projects we do a lot of investment up front in connecting business outcomes and business objectives to the leadership development programs that we’re running. Whether that’s in a senior leader coaching program or team dynamics series or even one of our intro workshops. One of the first things to do to demonstrate ROI is to connect it to business outcomes. And it’s something that’s kind of odd to me that we’ve never done that as an industry before and it’s new and something that we really are passionate about at Refound. So I’d love to explore that with you in an upcoming call. To talk about how might we connect the business outcomes and objectives that are not just important to you, but to the people that you are in conversation with, how do we connect those to the work that we might do together. That’s the first thing.

The other thing is to measure, right? So we have created the Good Authority assessment so all the programs that we do, again, whether that’s a senior leader coaching program, a team dynamic program, or a broader culture initiative, we’re going to start with a baseline assessment so everybody who’s in that program gets feedback and can understand how are they doing as an authority. How are they doing relative to alignment and setting expectations which are, as we know, so difficult to do. And how are they doing relative to accountability.

So we create a baseline so that you have metrics and data to look at at the beginning and the middle and at the end of a program, so that you can demonstrate to the folks that you’re involved with and the folks who you report to, what is it that you’re actually getting. What’s the value? So by connecting those assessments to those business objectives that’s how we’re closing the loop at Refound.

It’s really exciting, it’s something that we’ve done with some really large companies. We’ve done it with some really small startups. And hopefully, I will have a chance to talk to you about the ROI of behavior change where you work. Thanks for being here.

Jonathan Raymond
Founder & CEO

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“At CyberCube we take employee development very seriously. Our managers are measured on whether every team member is doing the best work of their career. We worked with Refound because their content is insightful and relevant. This workshop is very engaging and enabled our managers to discuss the challenges they are facing in a format that is both open and structured. The Good Authority framework allows managers to find non-obvious solutions for their challenges.”

Michael Varshavski

VP of Operations


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