SEPT 23, 2021 • 12:30 PM PT/3:30 PM ET

Employee Retention:
How to keep your people…and keep them happy.

Workshop with Jonathan Raymond

Photo of Jonathan Raymond.

Your strongest team members are burned out and looking for new opportunities. Your culture surveys show that leaders aren’t holding underperformers accountable. And the pandemic has proven that employees will leave a job if it doesn’t connect to their values and goals.

With fierce competition for talent and people resigning on a whim, you need to act quickly and thoughtfully. Perks and raises won’t cut it. You have to give people a meaningful reason to stay.

That reason is a manager who doesn’t see themselves as a taskmaster but rather as a facilitator. A facilitator of personal growth and development who knows that if their people are happier, more engaged, and challenged, the business results will follow.

Read on for the concepts we covered.

Employee tolerance for anything less than forward-thinking leadership is disintegrating before our eyes.

7.9 million Americans have quit their jobs since May.

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, August 12, 2021

We are amidst a mass exodus due to

A need for more flexible child care, less (or no) commuting time, and personalized working hours
The continued threat of illness alongside increasing in-person time
A desire for more leisure and family time
A backlog of people who wanted to quit but didn’t due to pandemic
People finding new sources of contentment and purpose outside of work

And you have a people problem

“A players” are overburdened (and thinking of leaving)
Culture surveys show leaders don’t hold underperformers accountable
Executives are complaining about a lack of ownership and innovation
Engagement surveys reveal that managers aren’t developing their people
Glassdoor reviews are repelling prospective talent
People are stressed out, burned out, and checking out

You’ve tried to solve the problem

Leaders talked repeatedly about values and vision
You spent extra money on perks, benefits, and events
Management training programs checked the box but didn’t change behavior
Homegrown initiatives felt good but lacked sophistication
People tech was shiny but wasn’t personalized or tailored to your culture

To improve retention you need:

A strong brand story (the mission motivates me)

Clear career pathing (I see how I can advance here)

Personal development plans (I am challenged and growing)*

*This is the one you can influence every day

You’re one conversation away.

Direct contributors crave opportunities for personal growth and autonomy. 
The company needs to meet financial goals and project milestones.
The right conversation with a manager can meet the needs of both, simultaneously.

A conversation in three acts


How mindset impacts engagement

"I’ve been reflecting on my behaviors as a leader…"


Focus on behaviors that drive ownership

"Let’s make an agreement about what great looks like..."


Feedback based in questions not demands

"Let’s tie this back to your growth theme and what you’re working on..."

People stay when their managers...

Deliver developmental feedback with care
Actively minimize the power dynamics that undermine psychological safety
Coach their direct reports on their growth
Create a culture of curiosity and dialogue
Ask questions that spark reflection and motivation
Are facilitators cultivating high performance through investment in relationships and growth.

Four questions to consider:

How are you enabling the growth of high-potential and stand-out employees?

How will returning to the office impact employee engagement?

How are you addressing issues emerging between hybrid and remote teams?

How are you creating a common language for experienced and new managers to communicate and lead?

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