CEO turned leadership mentor, Jonathan is an experienced keynote speaker and trainer. He'll have your audience thinking critically, laughing heartfully, and feeling inspired with practical takeaways to become a better leader.

Jonathan's keynotes and seminars focus on the key concepts in Good Authority (Ideapress 2016):

  • How to give high-value feedback and have effective one-on-ones
  • Reimagining accountability as the critical tool for personal growth
  • How to create a truly people-first company culture

"Jonathan has a knack for both understanding and empowering people. He's not only a voice for change but gives tactical ways for how to do it. If you have yet to hear him speak, I highly recommend doing so any way you can!"” — Cory Eustice, Talent Engineer, SpaceX

"Authenticity, vulnerability, and warmth is what Jonathan is all about on stage. He brings just the right mix of personal and professional story sharing that helped our conference attendees connect in at a deeper level of understanding for the common, everyday struggles of leadership.  — Hamsa Daher, Executive Director, Small Giants Community

"Jonathan is knowledgeable, insightful and engaging. His journey to self- actualization is inspiring and he challenges you to lead in a more holistic, authentic fashion. He does a masterful job at facilitating meaningful conversations with important gems you can quickly implement. I left his talk re-energized and better equipped to lead and coach my team." Jarie Bradley, Chief People Officer, CitySquare

"Jonathan packages his insights into tangible and practical pieces that both seasoned people-leaders and first-time managers can appreciate." — Michele Floriani, CMO, Sequoia Consulting

"Jonathan Raymond is an engaging speaker who creates meaningful, memorable experiences for his audiences. His captivating stage presence and rare mix of humility, character, and competence always leave the audience wanting to hear more.”  — Shye Gilad, Adj. Prof. of Entrepreneurship at Georgetown

    Here's a collection of articles and podcast appearances to learn more: