People Leadership

One conversation at a time.

Modern managers are overwhelmed.

They are busy project tracking, driving numbers, filling in the gaps for underperforming employees, and managing all the nuances only they have context for. They are nothing short of superheroes.
But that’s the problem.

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A high-performing organization isn’t filled with superheroes.

It’s filled with people leaders that create space for other human beings to grow. They think like coaches not firefighters. They communicate with authenticity and vulnerability. They have the confidence and skills to have difficult conversations that help change behavior for good.

That’s what Refound is all about. Through a simple but profound mindset shift and a set of core tools, Refound will help your people leaders learn to start and manage a new conversation with their people — a conversation about ownership, accountability, and growth for everyone.

From keynotes to bespoke programs

Turn your managers into people leaders.


Ideal for leaders wanting tailored, ongoing support

Senior leader coaching
One-on-one coaching for emerging to executive leaders
Support tailored to start solving problems immediately
Frameworks to create clear agreements with reports and peers


Ideal for scaling leadership skills throughout your company

Small group discussion and learning sessions to build leadership skills
Practical application of skills and tools through individual missions
Peer-based accountability to support learnings


Ideal for leadership teams that need strong medicine now

Expert facilitation to build team alignment around business priorities
Guided discussions to improve leadership communication
Design-thinking exercises and accountability agreements to increase leadership collaboration

The Refound methodology is simple: Personal and professional growth are one and the same.

When people leaders learn to work with the whole human being in front of them, they’ll start to see engagement go up, projects move faster, and, most importantly, free up precious time to focus on the highest value strategic and creative work that their leaders need from them.

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Our Approach

Help your people leaders discover the most powerful people leadership tool there is—their authentic voice.

Good Authority

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How do you feel about being an authority? How do your employees feel about authority? Refound training helps leaders find their honest leadership voice—by learning to let go of the unproductive beliefs and habits that we hold about authority, so that you can lead with a balance of curiosity and conviction.


Good Alignment

Even if you’re motivated to coach and develop your team, it’s the easiest thing to slip on the priority list. Good Alignment focuses on a lightweight system for keeping your coaching alive to help identify growth opportunities, use 1:1s to give feedback, and keep topics relevant over time.


Good Accountability

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Good Accountability is a learned skill. It’s a balance of being candid but kind, direct but human. Finding—and staying—in that sweet spot is how you deliver feedback in a way that people respond.
We’ve developed a framework called The Accountability Dial™, which provides people leaders with an easy-to-follow guide for how to start and manage performance in a way that makes awkward conversations a thing of the past.


Programs that scale from a partner that listens.

We work with companies of all sizes and industries to evolve their organization by developing their people leaders at all levels.

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