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People Leader Coaching

In this program, you will build foundational leadership skills for how to create strategic headspace, set clear and motivating expectations, and develop others through meaningful feedback.

What’s included
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This program is designed to enable you to practice skills as a leader. Through a mix of group coaching sessions, video content, practice exercises, and peer support, you will learn how to better respond to changing work environments, performance challenges, shifting priorities, and team well-being.

Group coaching sessions help leaders solve for real life.

In small groups, participants discuss core concepts from our courses and work through their day-to-day challenges with the support of a Refound coach.

Refound’s full suite of online resources fuel 24/7 learning.

Refound’s three core courses live on Refound Academy, our virtual learning platform. You will have access to video content, personal quizzes, and a workbook full of practical exercises.

After group coaching concludes, Refound’s AI-powered people leadership coach, Ren, is still available 24/7 to help you in navigating difficult conversations. Just start a chat with Ren, respond to Ren’s contextual questions, and receive precise solutions rooted in Refound’s training methods within minutes.

Assessments provide insights to leadership needs and growth.

Our intake and end-of-program assessments measure leadership behaviors that, if fortified, can help leaders increase the time they spend on strategic work, build better alignment with team members, and develop a practice for delivering feedback and holding people accountable.

Practice Refound’s lessons in real work scenarios.

We integrate Refound’s lessons into daily work flows by advising leaders on their unique situations. Managers receive live practice through Refound’s ride along, where they ask a member of their team to participate in activities that help align expectations and practice new ways to give and receive feedback.

Program Content

After completing this program, you will walk away with leadership skills, frameworks they can apply in your everyday work, and increased connection to peer leaders you can lean on.

Part 1

Good Authority

Leading a team of people can be overwhelming. Leaders are trying to get their own work done, they need to be responsive to the demands of their manager, and they have a team of people who have their own needs. The Good Authority course transforms a leader’s approach through guided self-reflection, practical exercises, and the More Yoda, Less Superhero framework—so that they can achieve balance, gain headspace, and become the leader their team is waiting for. 


Identify the subtle (and not so subtle) behaviors that impact your team by reflecting on your expression of authority.

Transform your leadership style using the More Yoda, Less Superhero framework. 

Promote organizational growth by creating balance between your individual responsibilities and those of your team.

Apply our frameworks to help you create the headspace and time required for your professional and personal growth.

Part 2

Good Alignment

Getting two people on the same page—let alone a whole team—is challenging. Through self-reflection, practical exercises, and the Soul of the Role—our simple yet highly effective process for aligning the goals of a leader’s direct reports with their vision for the organization—the Good Alignment course teaches leaders how to close the gap between business objectives and the personal and professional goals of their direct reports, bringing renewed energy, creativity, and motivation to their team.


You will reflect on your current team’s alignment (or lack of alignment!) to uncover specific areas for improvement.

You will practice the Soul of the Role process to define and align the expectations, responsibilities, and goals of each person on your team.

You will create a productive cadence of one-on-one meetings to sustain alignment on your team beyond the first check-in.

Part 3

Good Accountability

Delivering feedback can feel like the most challenging task you may face, but it shouldn’t have to be. Through guided self-reflection, practical exercises, and the Accountability Dial® (our five-step framework for approaching difficult conversations with compassion and curiosity), the Good Accountability course will help you provide constructive feedback that holds people to their commitments while supporting their growth. 


Reflect on how you currently give feedback and how you currently hold your team accountable. 

Apply the concepts learned through the Accountability Dial® lessons by practicing each step using real-world scenarios. 

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