The Good Authority Training Program

You desperately need your managers to get better at giving feedback and having real one-on-ones with the team. But they're overwhelmed, and you know that throwing another one-off seminar or a new piece of technology at them isn't going to work. We've designed a comprehensive training program so that your managers don't just learn how to give great feedback, but have a resource to help them to do it from here on out.


The high value feedback seminar

Your training program begins begins with the Good Authority Seminar. One of our core team of facilitators will come on-site to work with your people managers in three-hour experiential workshop. Your team will learn how to apply The Accountability Dial to their current challenges. Even more important, they'll come away with a mindset shift as they see the win-win of learning how to make the leap from individual contributor to cultivating the talents of others.

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The MicromentorING SERvICE

We're really proud of the work we do in the room with people managers in the kickoff event. But even the best seminars fade without a compelling follow-up program that the team is actually going to use. We've designed our our Micromentoring App and Service with that in mind. It's an easy and simple way for your people managers to start tracking and making progress on meaningful conversations after the seminar, with our team of mentors just a click away.


Individual Coaching

Founded by the former CEO of a well-known coaching company, we know what makes great coaching. But we also know its limits. Our coaching series is designed for maximum impact — a 2-3 month engagement focused on a specific theme with a clear result in mind. Most importantly, our coaches are in conversation with one another, so our work is always connected to the larger themes and dynamics uncovered in the seminar and ongoing work with the team.