Become the leader your team is waiting for.

We believe that it starts with learning to give hard, high-quality feedback. Not just to check a box, but to truly hold people accountable for accomplishing their best work. Your reports will feel the thrill of genuine autonomy and the opportunity to grow, and you'll win back time and headspace to do the high-level, creative, and strategic work your team needs from you. We're offering an ever-growing suite of ways to work together. Pick the one that's right for you:


public seminars

We're thrilled to open up our flagship seminar experience to anyone who manages people — your company doesn't have to be a Refound client. As a participant in this immersive experience, you’ll learn how to give high-value feedback, structure effective one-on-ones, and help your team members take personal ownership of their role without ever micromanaging anyone.  We're happy to put you on the phone with a previous client who can share their experience.

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The micromentoring app

Even the best ideas fade without a consistent follow-up program and community of support. During the seminar, your team will get access to The Micromentor — our proprietary conversation management tool — designed with one thing in mind: To help your team start, manage and deepen the conversations that matter.

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the book

"Required reading for anyone who wants to do more than merely manage people. Good Authority is a modern classic, and it will redefine what it means to be the boss." - Seth Godin, Author, Linchpin

'nuff said.


one-on-one coaching series

Founded by the CEO of a well-known coaching company, we know what makes great coaching. Work with one of our mentors to do some seriously heavy lifting around how you show up as a people manager and continue to improve on your day-to-day tactics. Once coaching series includes four hours of coaching allotted however you'd like.

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online course

We're bringing our public seminars to as many cities as we can, as fast as we can, but we can't promise that we'll make it to every single one. The perfect tool to onboard yourself into the mindset and methodology of Refound from anywhere in the world, stay tuned for our online course, to be released in 2018.