Did you know that when an employee leaves it can cost your business up to 216% of their salary to replace them?

What if you could decrease the turnover of your best people by giving your managers the skills they need to do that — without putting a hole in the budget?

With our new digital workshop for managers on how to use The Accountability Dial, your managers will learn a simple technique for how to give real-time feedback that helps people connect their day-to-day work to a personal growth goal. Is there any more powerful reason to stay than that?

Here’s the best part: No airplanes. No administrative hassle.

We’ve designed this workshop so your people managers can attend from anywhere. They’ll learn in a small group format designed to foster peer accountability. A certified Refound facilitator will teach the content and guide the conversation, using real-time coaching to work through actual scenarios.

In this 90-minute guided workshop, managers will learn to:

  • Give real-time developmental feedback that fits the urgency of the situation

  • Use specific questions and phrases that bypass defensiveness and excuses

  • Have growth-based one-on-one conversations

  • Talk about performance without sounding like a manager

  • Reclaim valuable time on their calendar to do the work they love

This workshop is suited for people managers at all levels of experience:

  • A group of managers in a department who’ve been asking for more training

  • A cohort of young or first-time managers who need to uplevel skills quickly

  • Senior leaders who are looking to drive the next level of performance

Ready to get started?

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 "With Refound’s help, we are well on our way to each person being accountable for our success."


- Emily Couey, VP People, Illumio