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Implementing practical skills
Increased satisfaction from direct reports‍


Data scientist Lucas (pseudonymized for privacy), newly promoted to Team Lead, received his first direct report with his company. Lucas wanted to improve his leadership skills and was attracted to the Good Authority philosophy but needed day-to-day direction for practical implementation. Having previously worked with a coach that focused on interview skills, Lucas knew what was best for him as a learner and wanted tactical resources such as books and articles, as well as one-on-one practice to address specific situations. Lucas contacted Refound a month after receiving his first direct report, just as his team began to grow.


In a collaborative process, Refound created a program for Lucas that combined daily practice with weekly coaching calls, using Good Authority frameworks. Lucas was matched with a Refound coach aligned with Lucas’s learning style to best support his leadership development.


Lucas thrived with his Refound coaching, gaining skills and confidence through behavioral practice, tailored actions, and supplemental resources. Within a few weeks, Lucas reported to us a notable impact on his management skills, having received affirming feedback from his team. One of his direct reports told Lucas that she “felt more supported than usual” and that he had “gone above and beyond.” Lucas continued to work with Refound, honing his skills and expertise as his team grew.

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