President of Panasonic Energy driving accountability through conversation

Global scaling through a pandemic
Electric vehicle batteries for Tesla and beyond
Notable Outcome
Achieved consistent growth and leading competitive advantage through high-performance culture
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The Challenge

As President of Panasonic Energy, Allan Swan saw his teams adjusting to epic scaling and technological disruption within an exponentially growing market. Strong people were working very hard to keep the pace, revealing the critical need to strengthen company culture. Improving communication between leadership and high performing technical talent was necessary. Inspired by a keynote delivered by Jonathan Raymond, Allan connected to the practical guidance on how to have effective conversations that drive accountability and growth.

The Solution

Refound built a bespoke program for 400 people leaders within the division, leveraging online learning for scale and efficiency. We created a coaching program for 50 top leaders in the company which included one-on-one coaching and shadow experiences for practical, accelerated growth and support. Our ongoing executive strategy partnership with the President and CHRO ensured full organizational embodiment of an impactful people leadership philosophy built around conversations.

The Result

With Refound as a trusted advisor and consistent outside perspective, the company built the philosophical foundation for high performance culture in a fast paced, highly technical environment that will carry them into the next decade. Since working with Refound, Allan has reported:

  • Consistent growth and a leading competitive advantage in the industry
  • Employee attrition reduced by nearly half
  • A stronger company culture recognizing that every employee’s voice is heard and further propelling accountability, productivity, and performance
  • Dramatic increase in resilience of leaders and teams
  • Fewer and less urgent headcount emergencies
  • Continued trust and high satisfaction from biggest partners and customers including Tesla, even during a global pandemic
  • Evolution from reactive production to commercial enterprise
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