Head of L&D unifying acquired and distributed teams

Unifying senior leaders and new managers from M&A
Global Technical and Scientific Consultancy
Notable Outcome
With distributed offices and diverse sets of norms and expectations, Refound facilitated a cohesive culture change for 1200 people.
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The Challenge

In a highly distributed team which had grown to 1200 employees through rapid acquisitions over a three year period, Alex  (pseudonymized for privacy) discovered a misalignment between senior leaders and managers joining the company through M&A. While there was strong rapport at the executive level, the majority of managers lacked ownership, leadership development, and cultural cohesion.

The Solution

Refound worked with Alex to develop a series of programs to drive cultural transformation at all levels of the organization. These included a 6-month leadership coaching program for 70 managers, a keynote workshop that grew into another coaching program for 30 senior leaders, and C-Suite meeting facilitation to get them thinking and practicing the philosophy through scenario-based coaching and consulting.

The Result

Alex’s culture transformation initiative proved to be a meaningful and successful unification strategy. With different cultures, distributed offices, and diverse sets of norms and expectations, having a common language around and for leadership empowered teams to work more effectively and efficiently to reach revenue goals.

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