Vulnerability On Fire

When we hear the word vulnerability, we think about emotion Someone got hurt. Someone is about to admit a fear, or share a secret. There are going to be tears.

While every organization could benefit from more space for that kind of vulnerability, when it comes to culture change, that's not the most important kind.

What about telling your boss that you don't like how they treated one of your colleagues?

What about stopping a team meeting when a decision is about to be made that goes against your or what you believe to be the company values?

What about breaking a system/process/policy that's working because you know the customers deserve even better?

Is there anything more vulnerable or valuable to your group than to make it safe enough for the individual to check its momentum now and then?

Vulnerability isn't only about a person in emotional pain.

Sometimes — it's a passionate call from someone with a dream of how the world could be better than it is today.

Can you hear it?


Jonathan Raymond