3 quick ways to support your team right now

November 3, 2020

Your team is (definitely) stressed right now. Here are three quick ways to show support.

According to HR Executive, 60% of employees say the topic of the U.S. presidential election has negatively impacted their ability to get work done. As a people leader, recognizing this trend will help you and your team get through this week (and beyond). Here are three quick tricks you can use to contribute to the wellbeing of your team, no matter how the week goes.

Increase lead time. If you know you’re going to change a deadline or require something new from a team member, provide as much buffer time as possible. According to Gartner, the average employee's capacity to absorb change without becoming fatigued "has been cut in half" this year compared to last year. Giving your team some extra time to address changes will help their resilience and likely provide better outcomes.

Sign off for the day. Once you are sure you won’t need anything more from your team, put Slack on “do not disturb” or even announce that you will be out for the rest of the night. Hold any late night emails until the next morning so your team can truly relax for the evening. Use the “Schedule send” feature on your email app if you have that.

Share a meme. Show your collegial side and send around some wholesome memes. Apolitical and upbeat, you can find some sharable content on Reddit here and Twitter here. When you’re at a loss for words, a Liz Climo comic will also do the trick to show some humanity… through relatable animals.

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