The Manager's Gift

You have an incredible gift you can give each person that works for you. And you may well be the only person in their life who can give it. You can help them grow personally and professionally at the same time. It's easier than it might sound.

Think about one person that works for you and ask one question:

What do they struggle with here at work that — if I could help them improve upon here — would translate out into the rest of their life?

Do they struggle with keeping their commitments? Speaking their mind when executives are around? Do they start strong on projects but then lose a sense of urgency when it comes to following up or following through?  Do they try too hard to be liked? Do they not try hard enough?

All of those themes (and there are, of course, many others) are the ones to work on because they're not fundamentally about work. They're about who we are in our lives, who we will dare to be tomorrow, and having someone in our life who helps us take the risk to stretch beyond the known.

It may take some exploring to find that theme for each person in your care. You have to learn to bring it up in a way that doesn't shut them down. But is there any other conversation more important to have with the people on your team?

A great company culture is one where leaders help people heal the split between work and life.

It starts by realizing there isn't one.

*Had a great conversation with Andrew at Mixergy on this topic, you can listen to it here.

Jonathan Raymond