The Good Authority Manifesto

*A little teaser from the inside cover of the book. Good Authority is ...

… the presence to name the things that most people are afraid to.

… the kindness to speak up today instead of waiting until tomorrow.

… the patience to meet each person where they are on the journey.

… the generosity to challenge them to go a little bit further.

… the fortitude to not accept excuses in place of responsibility.

… the curiosity to ask questions that you don’t know the answers to.

… the wisdom to resist the comfortable answers and hold out for the right ones.

… the willingness to make an unpopular stand if it helps one person grow.

… the transparency to share what you feel with each member of your team.

… the strength to wait for others to discover their truth for themselves.

… the integrity to never ask someone to live up to a standard that you don’t hold yourself to.

… the vulnerability to say what you think even if you believe it won’t change the outcome.

… the audacity to assume that you can change the world.

… and the humility to be wrong about all of it and start over again tomorrow.

Jonathan Raymond